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Samsung’s latest washer lets you do your laundry … from your phone

samsung and lg head to court over vandalized washing machines ww9000

Samsung just raised the bar for smart appliances with its beastly new WW9000 – a washing machine that can be completely controlled via a smartphone app.

Now, to be sure, this isn’t the first washing machine that’s able to interface with mobile devices. Manufacturers like LG, Haier, and others offer machines than can talk to your smartphone. Samsung even makes an entire line of machines equipped with Smart Check, but this is the first model to introduce Smart Control – a feature that actually allows you to remotely control and monitor the washer from your smartphone.

While previous machines would only allow you to monitor the status of a load, this badboy lets you start/stop a cycle from your phone and even get notifications on a cycle that’s currently running. The WW9000 also comes with a variety of intelligent wash settings designed combat different types of stains, like those you get from Gardening, Cooking & Dining, Hygiene Care, Active Sports, Active Kids, and Working & Everyday. And if you’re in a pinch, just use the Super Speed Wash setting and your load will be done in under an hour.

In lieu of a bunch of knobs and dials, the washer also features a large 5-inch color touchscreen, making it extremely easy to operate. It’s also got some really intuitive features, like the “Most Used” function, which remembers the washing cycles you frequently use, as well as the “Favorites” setting that allows you to personalize your washing cycle by customizing the temperature and spin speed settings.

The Samsung WW9000 washing machine will be available this coming May, with pricing subject to individual retailers.

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