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Savant, the Cadillac of home automation providers, just launched a ‘budget’ package

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In an effort to stay relevant and competitive amid a deluge of DIY home automation devices, high-end home automation provider Savant has just announced that it will soon be offering a new “budget” starter package for just $1,599. The new product runs on a Linux-based home server that acts as a control system for your lights, sound system, thermostat, and pretty much any other smart home devices you have connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

The system is comprised of three main parts: a central hub/controller, an array of different sensors and accessories that connect to it, and a self-configuring Wi-Fi universal remote. The system can also be controlled via a mobile app for Android or iOS. Just by itself, the hub will put you back $799, and all of the accessories add to that cost, bringing the total package to $1.6K. The only problem, however, is that you need to install one hub for each room that you want to automate, so it gets astronomically more expensive if you’re looking to outfit your entire house.

Savant is arguably the biggest name in the high-end automation market, and while this new package is definitely the company’s most affordable offering to date, it still needs to step up its game if it’s going to compete with the growing swarm of cheap, easy-to-install DIY home automation options. If you don’t mind doing a bit of the install yourself, you can pick up a full home automation system like Iris or SmartThings for around $300- or even cheaper if you’re only looking to smarten up a couple rooms.

The main selling point of Savant’s new Smart Series system seems to bet that they’ll send out a crew to come do all the hard programming you’d otherwise have to do yourself. But truth be told, if you pick up the right gear, a do-it-yourself automation setup isn’t really all that difficult in the first place. 

That being said, if you’d rather not do all the legwork, Savant’s Smart Series products are available to order now, and installations through Savant integrators will begin March 17, 2014. Find out more here.

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