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Bacteria beware: Pure silver helps make Silvon pillowcase resistant

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It’s where your head spends (hopefully) eight hours of the day, so ideally, your pillowcase is free of nasty bacteria that might (unbeknownst to you) disturb your sleep. And now, with the Silvon pillowcase, that ideal might become a reality. Powered by pure natural silver, this new pillowcase purports to permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. With silver-coated fibers and a 300 threadcount, you don’t have to wear a crown — you can effectively sleep on one.

As Silvon co-founders Nicholas Paglia and Alex Szpakowski told Digital Trends, “Silver is naturally oligodynamic,” which means that it’s capable of preventing bacterial growth. “By fusing our fibers with natural silver,” the entrepreneurs continued, “These antibacterial properties are permanently ingrained in the fabric.”

This technology comes in handy when considering that your pillowcase and bed sheet are veritable breeding grounds for the bacteria, allergens, and dead skin cells that we slough off at the end of the day (sorry guys, it’s true). But with Silvon, the founders say, you can rest assured that your pillowcase is fresh and clean.

While Paglia and Szpakowski recognize that there are other antibacterial products for a better night’s rest, they told us that Silvon is a permanent solution, whereas others (like SleepClean) depend upon chemical treatments that weaken over time. With no chemicals or nanotechnology to speak of, the founders believe that their pillowcase is “part of a holistic approach to skincare and well-being.”

And don’t worry —  Silvon didn’t try to sacrifice form for function. “We spent an enormous amount of time crafting a modern and minimal design that would fit into any bedroom,” the creative duo said. “We’re offering a graphite gray color-way, exclusive to Kickstarter, as an added incentive.” The team’s campaign has already raised more than $15,000 of its $20,000 goal, with 30 days left to go.

But they’re not done yet: “We think that our technology can revolutionize many products in the sleep space,” the founders said. “And the next step for us will be Silvon Sheets.”

If you’re looking to order early, you can get the standard Silvon pillow case for $35, or the king size for $40.

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