Site Offers Tailgating Videos, Podcasts

It’s an American tradition – tailgating before a big game. One website in particular – The Ultimate Tailgater – is a huge fan of this pastime and is gearing up to offer streaming video and podcasts on having a great tailgate party.

The Ultimate Tailgater multimedia offerings, as described by “The Ultimate Tailgater’s Handbook” author Stephen Linn, are geared towards helping “tailgaters throw the best party in the parking lot.” The videos, which are called the 2 Minute Drill, feature “interviews with experts who will give tips on topics ranging from cooking at a tailgating party, to dressing for a tailgate, and everything in between.” They will initially be released twice a month, becoming monthly later this year.

Also starting up shortly will be a tailgating related podcast called the Ultimate Tailgater’s Podcast. It will be half an hour in length and, like the videos, offer tips on getting the most out of the tailgating experience.

“One of the most popular aspects of The Ultimate Tailgater’s Handbook are all the great tips — setting up your tailgate, grilling, dressing for your tailgate party, recipes — those sorts of things,” said Linn in a statement. “The Ultimate Tailgater’s 2 Minute Drill is about actually showing tailgaters how to do all of that — helping them have a great tailgate party, while providing a video they can watch whenever and almost wherever they want.”