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BLUETTI’s Easter Sale Offers a Fun Egg Hunt On the Go

BLUETTI Easter Sale for big savings on portable power and more.
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When Bluetti’s Easter Sale officially kicks off on April 7th there’s a whole lot more than just money to be saved. Of course, they’re going to have stand-out offers and discounts on BLUETTI portable power products, including home battery systems, portable power stations, solar panels, and more. But it’s also a fun little egg hunt for anyone that wants to save or give the gift of sustainable power to friends and family. You’ll have the chance to save up to $1,000 on select gear, like a bundle that includes the EB3A portable power station and PV120 solar panel — to keep it charged. Normally $618, that bundle is available during the sale for $523, saving you $139. Or BLUETTI’s fantastic bundle with the AC500 solar generator and B300S extra battery, as a smart home battery backup system, for $4,799, down from $5,099, which saves you a cool $300. There are plenty more great deals to check out below, or just hop on over to BLUETTI to shop the sale.

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Save Big on Portable Power and Conserve Energy, Build Independence, and Help the Environment

BLUETTI EB3A used outdoors during Easter time to power fun in the sun.
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This sale couldn’t have come at a better time. With Easter a period for renewal, family, and uplifting messages, the BLUETTI sale helps promote a brighter future. How? Well, in several ways, including through improved power independence. With an investment in a portable power station or home battery backup system, you’re eliminating your reliance on traditional power and fossil-fuel-based energy sources. You can fall back on the BLUETTI power systems any time, not just during an outage but also when you want to conserve energy overall.

Because the systems are so portable, you can tap into off-grid power just about anywhere, backyard, camping, or even beachside. That ensures you’re not reliant on traditional power, regardless of where you are. You’d be surprised by the benefits that offers the environment and your local community. Plus, with increased demand over the Easter holiday, whether you have family visiting or not, you’ll be happy to have the backup power solutions in play. It will definitely save you a few dollars on your power bill. Power outages can actually be pretty common during this time, as well, and BLUETTI’s solutions will keep you powered on, enjoying your company, and doing what you love most during those events, from cooking to watching your favorite shows and movies.

BLUETTI’s Easter Sale is Here

Since the BLUETTI Easter Sale includes a lot of different items it’s best to just list out a few of the top options. But you’ll definitely want to go check it out for yourself, because so many of its systems, batteries, portable power stations, and even some accessories are discounted. Now’s a great time to stock up on BLUETTI gear ahead of storm season, or for a rainy day. Or, if you need to upgrade, expand the capacity of your existing system, or grab an accessory or two, like the Smart Home Panel, well, you’d be saving quite a bit.

Here are a few of the notable BLUETTI systems on sale:

BLUETTI’s Easter Sale will be running from April 7 until April 18, so you have just over a week to save big on solar generators, panels, portable power stations, or whatever else you might need. Our top pick would be any of the bundles that include the AC500 solar power generator and B300S extra batteries to help sustain your family’s power during an outage or major event. There are a lot of other options too, in a variety of price ranges depending on what your budget is. Regardless, the egg hunt is on over at BLUETTI and you should  go have some fun.

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