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Tired of nudging your snoring spouse? The new Sleep Number does it for you

Back in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s day, to keep your toes toasty, you stuck a hot water bottle between the sheets before hopping into bed. In 2017, your smart bed can start heating the lower quadrant shortly before you’re due to head to sleep. At least, that’s what Sleep Number promises with its 360 smart bed, which it introduced at CES 2017.

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has much of the same technology as its It Bed, but it also has a few more tricks inside the foam. Like the It, the 360 has an app that lets you adjust the firmness and track how well you slept. But the sensors also respond to what’s going on, with the air chambers filling or deflating to give your pressure points more or less support based on your sleep position. It also uses your biometric data to tell if you’re snoring, then raises your head slightly to keep you from disturbing your bed buddy.

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Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed | Overview of the 360™ Bed's Features

As the bed tracks your every movement, it will make a lot of adjustments. If it knows you usually turn in at 11 p.m., it will start heating up the foot area 15 minutes before. When you get out of bed for a 1:30 a.m. glass of water, it will illuminate soft LEDs to light your path. If your alarm is set for 7:30, it will sound an alarm when it senses you’re in a light sleep cycle. As with the It Bed, you can integrate your Fitbit or Withings activity tracker to see if exercise impacts your sleep cycle. It’s a bed that knows lots about you and uses that info to help lull you to sleep — so, just call it Big Mother?

Sleep Number hasn’t released pricing yet, but when the bed goes on sale later this year, you can expect it to be on par with its other offerings.

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This story is part of our continuing coverage of CES 2020, including tech and gadgets from the showroom floor.

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