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These smart blinds adjust based on sunlight, temperature, and more

Sometimes even a simple flick of the wrist involves more effort than a task truly requires. Jalousier, Inc. is offering proof with its new smart blinds controller, FlipFlic. The home automation product can open and close your blinds based on light, temperature, and schedule.

Opening and closing blinds isn’t exactly a difficult task, of course, but it can be time-consuming, depending on the number of windows in your home or office. FlipFlic’s ability to adjust your blinds based on your preferences saves time and effort — time that could be spent on much more enjoyable pursuits. On top of that, the device has light and temperature sensors that can indicate whether blinds should be open or closed, and can adjust them accordingly. In doing so, FlipFlic can control interior temperature and lighting, giving it the potential to also save money.

“It just hit me; there’s got to be a way to automatically control indoor light and temperature without breaking your wallet on expensive and low-tech motorized blinds,” said FlipFlic CEO Ksenia Vinogradova in a press release. “Window blinds are there to regulate incoming heat and light, but it is nobody’s job to open and close them several times a day. Such a simple, but annoying task has got to be automated, just like many other things at home.”

Meet FlipFlic, the new generation

In addition to setting the product to react based on its sensors, users can issue manual commands via the FlipFlic app or set a schedule for when blinds should open and close. At present, the app is compatible with iOS devices and is available in the AppStore, and an Android app is being developed. The device also works with multiple home automation frameworks, including Homekit, Netatmo, Home Control, and more.

The product’s installation reflects the startup’s focus on convenience, and the process doesn’t even require any tools; FlipFlic adheres magnetically to your blinds, whether they’re vertical or horizontal. Once in place, they are powered by a built-in battery that is recharged via micro USB in conjunction with a solar panel.

Jalousier has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund FlipFlic with the device. The company has plans to do more trials and make adjustments in coming months before production verification testing. Mass production is expected to begin in October 2016, and FlipFlic will begin shipping in January 2017.

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