You can plug your USB cable right into this outlet, no adaptor needed

snappower outlet cover has usb charger

Forget fiddling with sockets and wires. A new outlet cover makes powering up your USB devices easier than ever.

SnapPower USB ChargerUsually when you lose your adaptor, you have to charge your phone through your computer’s USB port. But with a new outlet cover called the SnapPower, all you need is the cable. The cover screws into your wall, so you don’t need to go searching for additional connective parts. If SnapPower sounds familiar, it may be because the company launched a crowdfunding campaign for its guidelight outlet covers last year, which turn on automatically when it gets dark.

Designed with internal power prongs, the charger draws power from screws located on the outlet’s sides. Its charging port is off to the side at the bottom of the cover, so you can freely plug in your USB cable without obstructing the two regular outlets. Just turn off the power to the outlet, remove the existing cover, screw on the SnapPower cover, and it’s ready for charging. Keep in mind that the extra USB port does make the SnapPower hang down a little lower than a standard cover.

Any standard outlet in your home with exposed screw terminals becomes USB compatible, no wiring required. However, the apparatus isn’t compatible with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets, sometimes located in bathrooms. They typically have a “test” and “reset” button on their faces.

Since launching his Kickstarter campaign, SnapPower has raised over $206,000, well beyond its $35,000 goal. The company claims it’s on target to deliver the cover to backers this August. While there are various packs available for sale, you can nab a single charger (in two styles and three colors) at the super early bird special price of $14.