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Sonoro audio, the company behind those fancy hotel sound systems, wants your home to have one too

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High-end luxury hotels may differ a bit in the spa products they offer, the room service menu they serve, or the turndown service they provide, but when it comes to their audio system, there seems to be one rather ubiquitous product. Meet sonoro audio, a German audio system purveyor known for its beautiful design and quality sound. Found in hotels like the St. Regis, Hopper, Roomers, and W Hotels, sonoro is quickly establishing itself as a must-have on a five-star checklist.

While you might find a number of different sonoro products across hotel rooms in America and abroad, each system is uniquely encased in wooden housing, which promises to enhance the acoustics of the speakers. And while sonoro is a high-tech solution, it promises to be easy to use for hotel guests — each sonoro feature is accessible with the touch of a single, illustrated button, the company says.

You can tune into local radio stations via a sonoro system, or if you’d rather, you can also wirelessly connect a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to the music system, and enjoy your favorite tunes in surround sound. And with a number of features designed specifically with hotels in mind, sonoro promises that the guest experience will be amplified by their sound system. For example, the self-dimming display of the audio system allows for undisturbed sleep, as does a volume limitation feature that ensures guests next door won’t be roused by a raucous party. And with alarms that are reset every 24 hours, sonoro is prepared for the high turnover rate of luxury hotel rooms.

While sonoro audio has long been a mainstay in European markets, many American consumers have yet to experience this sound system outside of hotel rooms. But perhaps one of the most American consumer-ready products to come out of the German line is the Cubo, which combines the now retro idea of a CD player with a modern twist. This bedside system features an upward-facing speaker, and allows users to enjoy the radio (both AM/FM and the internet variety), their dust-gathering CD collection, or of course, their own iTunes playlist (which can be streamed via bluetooth).

“We believe the Cubo’s superior design and sound system will appeal to a number of audiences throughout the U.S. market, from audio aficionados to health-conscious consumers and design enthusiasts,” said Marcell Faller, founder and CEO of sonoro audio. So if you’re looking to take that hotel experience to your bedroom, you may want to check out sonoro audio and its extensive line of sound systems.

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