Teamosa wants to use ultrasound to brew you the perfect cup of tea

You may think that there’s nothing more to brewing tea than boiling water and dunking a tea bag in it, but tea connoisseurs believe there is far more to it.  And here to help you understand the true potential of everyone’s favorite coffee alternative is Teamosa, an automated hybrid tea brewing machine that claims to make use of preset parameters and ultrasonic extraction to help you brew a cup of tea the way that tea is meant to be enjoyed.

Apparently compatible with both loose leaf tea and Teamosa’s own recyclable tea capsules, you can think of this machine as a more versatile (and more intelligent) tea-oriented Keurig. If you’re using your own loose leaf tea, simply measure out the proper amount (Teamosa will let you know what that is) and place it into the machine’s infusion chamber. Then, using the companion Teamosa app, determine the optimal brewing settings for your tea varietal. While the app will make recommendations, you’re welcome to make adjustments yourself (though sometimes, it pays to let the master do the work). The Teamosa app will remember your preferences so that, once you’ve discovered your ideal cup of tea, you won’t have to keep rediscovering it.

From there, the system is said to use ultrasound to treat the water that is then poured onto the tea leaves, resulting in a perfect brew in just three minutes. In fact, the team says that its machine is the first to leverage “ultrasonic extraction technology,” a process that “involves the removal and recovery of organic substances from a permeable solid matrix by means of a solvent that is energized by very high frequency sound energy.”

teamosa ultasound 5

If you use a Teamosa capsule, the process is even simpler — just stick one of these pods into the appropriate chamber, then select your preferred strength and cup size.

Teamosa is now live on Kickstarter, where you can purchase one for $239 as an early bird backer. If you dally, the price goes up to $299, and if you wait for the Teamosa to hit shelves next year, expect to pay around $399. Teamosa projects that product will begin shipping in September 2018.