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Territory adds new diet-specific filters for ordering prepared meals

A good meal isn’t really as simple as eating, drinking, and being merry. It seems like everyone has different dietary restrictions these days. Perhaps now more than ever, prepared meals are definitely not one-size-fits-all.

Territory, a service that delivers nutritious meals prepared by professional chefs, is responding to customers’ changing needs. The company announced Monday that it has rolled out new filters to make it easier for users to order healthy food for their particular diet. On top of existing options such as dairy- and gluten-free, the new filters let customers drill down by specific programs, including Whole30, MedStar Healthy, Mediterranean, new and expecting mothers, and macro-friendly.

“For this starting set of new filters, we chose some of those additional preferences and goals customers have asked us about most,” Patrick Smith, Territory CEO, told Digital Trends in an email. “More generally, we think a lot about how can we make it super easy to integrate healthy eating into a busy life and eat great tasting food doing it.”

Healthy eating is big among Territory’s users, so the service works to bring them meals that are as nutritious as they are convenient. In fact, the company partnered with nutritionist Ashley Koff in designing some of the new filters.

“Our customers are trying to integrate healthier eating into super busy and often active lives,” Smith said. “Once people commit to enhancing their fitness, they are simply more likely to make and sustain a dietary change as well.”

Also key, Smith notes, is keeping people from getting bored. Since people tend to tire over time of a limited selection, Territory has built up a network of chefs to be able to offer a varied menu.

“Our customers rely on us for almost six meals a week … so to help them eat better and stick with it, we have to be really good at variety,” he said.

The options sound delicious, too. Choices include rosemary balsamic chicken with roasted beets and Brussels sprouts (Whole30); steak with chimichurri sauce, tangy slaw, and brown rice (MedStar Healthy); spicy baked tofu with cabbage and brown rice (macro-friendly); and much more.

With Territory’s emphasis on fitness, the service fittingly has targeted gyms and other health-focused locations as pickup locations for customers. Picking up is free for customers, or they can choose to pay an additional fee for delivery to a specific address. Currently, Territory delivers to more than 300 locations, including Washington, D.C., as well as cities in California, Maryland, and Texas.

The company also announced $6.7 million in new Series A funding on Monday, which it plans to use to bring its delivery to new markets while continuing to expand its offerings. With how fast diets are changing, that will certainly be helpful.

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