Stick LG’s sensor on your old appliances to make them smarter

the lg smartthinq sensor makes appliances smart
At IFA 2015, we expect to see lots of smart fridges and ovens, but LG is taking a bit of a different approach. In the lead-up to the event, LG announced its SmartThinQ Sensor this week. It looks a bit like a knob, and the round device attaches to existing appliances, including washing machines and fridges.

Outfitted with temperature and other sensors, the SmartThinQ can give you insight into your formerly dumb household machines. There aren’t a lot of details on how it all works, but LG claims the sensor can perform lots of tricks, from telling you when the laundry is done when attached to the washing machine to alerting you that a certain food is about to expire if you put in in the fridge. What exactly it’s detecting with the spoiled food isn’t clear, though it can keep track of how many times the door opens. As for the laundry, it can pick up on when the vibrations on the machine cease. It will also let you control air conditioners and other devices remotely, according to LG.

LG Smarthin Q sensor

“Adoption of smart home appliances has been slow because of the perception that the technology is not easily accessible,” said Jo Seong-jin, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company in a statement. “LG is committed to continuing its leadership in the smart home market with innovations such as LG SmartThingQ, which provides real-life benefits and offers new lifestyle conveniences through technology that is easy to use.”

Of course, LG does have a line of smart appliances, including the SmartThinQ oven and connected air conditioner. Considering the former is $1,400 and the latter is $600, the sensor will likely be cheaper than doing a full appliance upgrade. We’re definitely interested in hearing more about how the device works too. LG hasn’t yet offered details on pricing and availability.

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