Want to eat like a zombie? The Walking Dead food truck hits UK with some gnarly meals

The Walking Dead Gory Gourmet food truck

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a brain-eating zombie? Actually, don’t answer that — I’m not sure I want to know. If you were one of the lucky goers who was in London this past week, you might have experienced this craving first hand with a special food truck inspired by the AMC hit show The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead food truckLast spotted at the Camden Lock Market on August 22, the The Gory Gourmet food truck — created by mobile food truck company Street Kitchen — is training a trip around the United Kingdom, serving fresh brain burgers for those lusting over the gnarliest of foods. Other items on the gastronomical menu includes feet and thyroid nuggets, crispy brain dippers, brain salad wrap with wild rocket and tarragon mayo, pig’s feet, and skewered beef hearts — perfect for zombies on the go. We’re not sure exactly where these gruesome meals originate, but the truck states all menu items are “responsibly sourced British ingredients.” Utensils are also provided, but you can certainly go zombie-style and dig in with your hands.

“It’s a great opportunity to use some unusual British ingredients,” Street Kitchen co-founder Mark Jankel told Stylist UK. “After a heavy morning in the office our customers should have the appetite of The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead brain burger food truck

And a morning rush it was (or is it mourning?); based on the photos posted to The Walking Dead UK’s Facebook album, a significant amount of people lined up to taste these “offally good” meals. The truck also ran a special for fans who are first in the lunch rush, offering them free servings for being oh, so punctual.

The Gory Gourmet truck is, of course, one of many promotional stunts to promote the release of the season 2 DVD and Blu-ray (in the UK) and the upcoming season 3 of The Walking Dead. Last month, New York City got a dose of live zombies itself when Dish Network protestors sent the undead roaming amongst the city, confusing and terrifying the lives of many metropolitans. None of the spooked pedestrians ended up as a brain burger, thankfully.

If you wanted to sample some of these strange creations, The Walking Dead UK’s Facebook page also lists a vague recipe book for the items sold on The Gory Gourmet truck. It doesn’t tell you all too much about what the brain is made of, but at least you’ll know what the seasoning is.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 14.

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