This perfect ice cream scoop will make you melt

Serrated Ice Cream scoop from Amco Houseworks

Memorial Day has come and gone, meaning summer is just looming around the corner. What better way to start things off than with a perfect scoop of your favorite ice cream? Thing is, ice cream scoops generally never get us the perfect round mound of cold goodness without a little elbow grease. If your ice cream isn’t at a softened temperature, it could mean hacking away at the surface until something — anything — gets into the spoon and falls into your bowl.

Alas, the problem is no more. The Serrated Ice Cream Scoop will get you a perfect scoop without all the legwork. The teeth along the edges of the spoon helps the scoop cut into the surface of the ice cream while the textured design forces the treat fall out onto your cup, cone, or cookie without getting stuck. We imagine it’s even better with italian ices since those tend to get tougher to scoop out. The aluminum body also looks futuristic and cool while the rubber grip keeps your scooping hand comfortable, not frozen. Lastly, the Serrated Ice Cream Scoop is dishwasher-safe so you don’t have to worry about manually washing those sharper edges.

Our favorite thing about this perfect ice cream scoop? It’s relatively inexpensive! At just $10 a piece, you can buy your own Serrated Ice Cream Scoop from Amco Houseworks — that is, once it comes back in stock. A simple product with ingenious design is bound to be a quick seller.