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A disappearing sink and more badass kitchens from Milan Design Week

three badass kitchens from milan design week smartslab table
Milan Design Week just wrapped, and it there was all kinds of crazy, cool furniture on display. In fact, three insane kitchen additions caught our attention: one devoted to helping you cook with cats, another with a disappearing sink, and a third to assist you while entertaining by by keeping drinks cold and food warm.

MOCAKI by Mobitaly

There are few enterprising people who customize their houses around their cats. They will definitely want this Mocaki Modular Cat Kitchen from Mobitaly. Created by kitchen designers Francesco Vintrici and Daniele Schinaia, it has a built-in sink and range but it’s what’s down below that’s really important. Forget storing pots and pans in your island. Instead, Mocaki turns this area into a kitty paradise. It has circular cutouts between open shelves, as well as hanging toys, to keep your cat occupied while you sauté and chop. The countertop is stainless steel, according to, which apparently is anathema to cats, so while you feline may be tempted to jump up and steal your salmon, he may regret it. And anyone who’s ever stepped in their cat’s water bowl will appreciate having a dedicated pull-out drawer that’s raised off the ground.

If you don’t want your cats crouching under your counter but prefer the whole kitchen to hide away, then the Tulèr kitchen for Offmat, designed by Marmo Arredo and Tipic, might be for you. The quartz countertop has a kitchen faucet, but there’s a slab where the basin would be. Waving your hand over a control lowers the slab, until you have a tub. The water is also controlled by a motion sensor, so you don’t transfer what’s all over your hands to the taps.  The counter also features a built-in scale, so you can weigh ingredients. Eventually, there will be an app to guide you through recipes as you put each item on the scale, according to Dezeen. And you’ll be able to charge your phone, simultaneously, on the wireless charging station.

SapienStone SMART Slab - Functions

Finally, Kram/Weisshaar put a bunch of kitchen tech into its SmartSlab table. You can actually cook on the thing, thanks to induction rings in the ceramic top. There are also heating elements to keep plates, and their contents, warm. “You need 42.5 degrees Celsius, not more not less,” Clemens Weisshaar tells Dezeen. “You can put your hand on it and it won’t burn you.” But not everything on your table needs to be 108.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and embedded Peltier coolers keep your drinks at the right temperature, too. The craziest part? The table is only 6 millimeters thick.

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