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Ring’s three new outdoor home security accessories offer greater peace of mind

In a continuation of its campaign to take over the entire smart home security market, Ring has released three new accessories to bring even more peace of mind to customers. The Ring Outdoor Smart Plug, the Ring Wall Light Solar, and the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren are all available for pre-order today.

Ring Outdoor Smart Plug

The Ring Outdoor Smart Plug retails for $30. The device functions like most other smart plugs and features two separate outlets that operate independently of one another. The weather-resistant design means the smart plug can stand up to most weather without concern. You can set schedules or control the lights from the Ring App, or through Alexa with the addition of the Ring Bridge.

Ring Wall Light Solar

The Ring Wall Light Solar provides clear illumination of garages, fence lines, and much more without the need for any wires — the sun will provide all the energy the light needs. The Wall Light Solar produces 800 lumens of white light, while its motion detection means the light will only come on when needed. The Wall Light Solar is available for $60 and can be controlled through the Ring App. It synchronizes with other Ring smart lights and doorbells, as well as other devices, but it will require a Ring Bridge for smart control. The estimated shipping date for pre-orders are April 7.

Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren

The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren lets everyone in your neighborhood know that something is amiss with its 100-decibel siren. It can also help authorities locate your home more easily thanks to flashing LED lights that surround it. The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren looks a lot like a security sign, but is designed to alert anyone nearby that your home’s alarm has been triggered. It can be battery-powered or connected to your home’s power. It can also connect to a Ring Solar Panel. The Outdoor Siren is weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a rainstorm knocking out your security. Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren pre-orders are expected to ship on March 31, with a retail price of $90.

A growing lineup

These new accessories supplement the company’s growing lineup of smart home devices, which includes recent models such as the ultra-affordable Ring Video Doorbell Wired and the radar-equipped Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.  In the home security system, these new accessories pair nicely with the company’s Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) system.

Home security isn’t just inside the home — it’s all around it. Between lights, sirens, and the ability to control devices outside the home through the Ring Outdoor Smart Plug, Ring continues to position itself as one of the most appealing smart home companies on the market.

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