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Burn the weather forecast into your breakfast with Toasteroid

Mama may have told you not to play with your food, but she never said anything about reading it. And now, you can do just that. Meet the Toasteroid, the first app-controlled smart image toaster that imprints images or messages on your morning toast. After all, breakfast is already the most important meal of the day, right? Why not really drive that point home by making it both scrumptious and scholastic?

Making toast may be the easiest thing you can do in the kitchen, and that’s still the case with the Toasteroid. But unlike an ordinary toaster, this Kickstarter project also wants to be your “personal weather forecaster, private messenger, and doodle pad.” Simply input various commands through your smartphone and the companion app, and “still make the most perfect piece of toast you’ve ever had.”

It’s almost too easy to use. To create your custom piece of toast, choose an image from a collection of templates, or come up with one of your own. Then adjust the toaster to your desired darkness, insert the bread, and wait for it to pop up — image or message and all. Whether you just want to amuse yourself with a morning doodle on your favorite slice of bread, or want your butter-smeared carbo-load to also tell you about the day’s weather, you can do it all through the Toasteroid and its app. Because even if it is just white bread, you should be excited for it, right?

And don’t worry — even though this is surely a 21st-century toaster, it isn’t sacrificing any of the traditional toaster’s features. The Toasteroid also comes with an extra wide and long slot, reheat and defrost modes, a removable crumb tray, a cord organizer, and seven levels of browning control. And because it’s constructed with die-cast aluminum, it promises to be a pretty sturdy kitchen appliance, too.

Over 150 backers have already contributed nearly $15,000 to the project, and the team has 41 days left to hit its goal of $150,000. So if you want to have an informative breakfast, it may be time to check it out.

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