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Bring some light into your life with Tree Effects Tabletop Light Show Tree

Tree Effects Tabletop Light Show Tree
Don’t have room in your studio apartment for a Christmas tree? This year, you have nothing to fear — that is, if you have a Tree Effects Tabletop Light Show Tree. Sure, it is something of a mouthful but the product makes up for its loquacious name with a whole host of features, including 50 full-color effects, changeable light caps, and a remote control.

Promising to be the “ultimate tabletop tree” perfect for city dwellers who either don’t have room for a full fir (or simply don’t want to deal with that mess), this little bundle of joy can light up an apartment, office, or just your room not only during the holidays, but whenever you need a little sparkle in your life.

Whereas most traditional pre-lit trees have just a few options when it comes to lighting (which is to say, all on or all off), Tree Effects differentiates itself by allowing you to control each and every LED independently. And to keep you from having to fiddle around with a lot of complicated controls, Tree Effects promises that you can control everything and put on a light show with a remote.

Thanks to the tree’s full-spectrum LEDs, you have access to “millions of vivid colors,” the team promises on its Kickstarter page. When various holidays roll around, you can also change out the pixel caps so that your tree can be adorned with snowflakes, pumpkins, stars, or something else altogether. As the project raises more and more money, the team hopes to add more of these pixel caps.

With two and a half weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign, Tree Effects has already raised more than $11,000 and you can get your own tabletop tree in time for Halloween for $49.

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