The Veiu transforms standard peephole into a video doorbell with an app

Whether people are at home, on vacation, or running errands, they would always feel safer knowing if and when someone is at their door. It is no wonder that the video doorbell market has been growing so quickly.

Eques, known for its previous video doorbells, returned with the Veiu, a smarter refinement of the previously released DingDong3. With it, users can keep an eye on their home from wherever there is an internet connection.

Veiu replaces the traditional peephole and comes with a monitor that mounts to the back of the door. This allows the device to work without the companion smartphone app.

The camera itself offers an 180-degree view from the front door in high-quality 720p HD. After nightfall, infrared night vision allows for detailed footage. This footage displays on a five-inch LCD touchscreen with two gigabytes of internal memory. A micro SD card can expand this memory up to 32 gigabytes. Powering the device is a rechargeable battery that should last up to two months.

With the upcoming companion app, the convenience of the Veiu is made more apparent. Whether owners are away, in the backyard, or too sick to get up, they can easily answer the door using their phone. A two-way mic allows users to speak with whoever is at the door while a live video allows them to see who it is.

Even if someone ignores the doorbell, Veiu can be set up to capture footage and take a picture whenever motion is detected on the porch. An alert will be sent through the app, keeping users informed. If it looks like foul play, the picture can always be helpful when speaking with law enforcement.

Veiu is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $149. No subscription is required and the upcoming app will be completely free. Shipments are scheduled to go out in July.