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Walmart drops prices on Google Home devices for early Mother’s Day sale

Leading up to Mother’s Day, Walmart dropped the prices on four Google Home devices in a short-term pre-sale. With Google’s smart speakers you can manage a full smart home configuration of lighting, security, and entertainment devices.

We’ve found the best discounts on Google Home devices from Walmart and put them all in one place. Whether you’re buying a gift or adding to your smart home, these four deals can help you save up to $50.

Google Home Hub — $50 off

The Google Home Hub is currently the only Google brand smart display, although other brands such as Lenovo also have Google Home-compatible displays. The 7-inch Google Home Hub can display your photos, show step-by-step recipe directions, play YouTube videos or other streaming content, and more. You can even make and take Duo video calls with the Home Hub, but with one-way video only because this display doesn’t have a camera (you can see your callers, but they cannot see you). For some owners, the lack of a camera is a point in the Google Home Hub’s favor because of the assured visual privacy, avoiding a camera that could be turned on inadvertently by the owner or intentionally by someone else.

Normally priced at $149, the Google Home Hub is discounted $50 to $99 until June 1. We expect the Google Home Hub will be re-branded as the Nest Home Hub soon, but with the same features. If you want a smart display for a Google Home smart network, especially if you would prefer a device without a camera, take advantage of this discounted price.

Google Home Mini — $20 off

The Google Home Mini is the entry-level device for Google Home-based smart homes. Functionally comparable to the Amazon Echo Dot, the Home Mini plays music, answers questions, manages smart home lighting, security, convenience, and entertainment devices, and serves as a foreign language translator in real time during conversations.

Usually $49, the Google Home Mini’s price is reduced to $29 through May 15. Whether you’re looking for a helpful digital voice assistant for your desktop or a device to manage an entire smart home, this is a chance to pick up the best-selling Google Home smart speaker for an attractive price.

Google Smart Light Starter Kit — $20 off

The Google Home Mini by itself is a powerful way to start a new smart home setup, but Google’s Smart Light Starter Kit adds smart lighting for just $6 more. It’s easy to configure compatible smart devices to work with voice commands to the Google Home Mini, and adding a smart light is a good way to have the first-hand experience adding a device to a smart home. The Google Smart Light Starter Kit includes a Google Home Mini plus a GE C-Life Smart Light Bulb. You don’t need an extra hub to use the C-Life bulb, plug in the Google Home Mini, screw the GE bulb into a lamp in the same room. Download the Google Home app on your iOS or Android smartphone and set up the Google Home Mini and the GE C-Life bulb at the time following the easy directions in the app. After the quick configuration process, you can turn the bulb on or off and control the light’s brightness level with your voice.

Regularly priced at $55, the Google Smart Light Starter Kit is $35 until midnight May 15. If you’re shopping for an entry-level smart home setup, this discounted bundle has what you need.

Google Home — $30 off

The Google Home is the original digital voice assistant smart speaker in the greater Google Home smart home ecosystem. Functionally the same as the less expensive Google Home Mini, the Google Home’s greater size has room for a larger, much better sounding high-excursion speaker for listening to streaming audio. Speaker excursion refers to the relative distance a speaker’s cone moves from its resting state. This factor matters more with low frequency than high-frequency sounds, and in the case of the Google Home, high-excursion helps the device fill the room with sound. So the extra cost gives you a higher-quality listening experience than the Google Home Mini.

Ordinarily $129, the Google Home price is cut to $99 through May 6. If you want to add a smart speaker that can fill a room with music, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire the Google Home at a compelling price.

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