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Yale Assure Lock 2 offers a slimmer design and tons of functionality

Yale is adding several new smart locks to its collection with the premium Assure Lock 2 lineup. The Assure Lock 2 builds on the foundation laid by the original Assure Lock, although it boasts a slim new design, streamlined installation process, and comes in a variety of colors and formats.

One of the big selling points of the Assure Lock 2 is the slim design. Yale says the new designs are up to 30% smaller than the original Assure Lock — giving your front door a modern look and bringing impressive smart home functionality without taking up much real estate.

A person checking the Assure Lock 2 status using their smartwatch.

Controlling the smart lock is as simple as it gets. All models support Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit, making it easy to get the device installed and working with the accompanying smartphone app. From the app (which is also compatible with select smartwatches), you’ll be able to set permanent passwords, manage guest passwords and profiles, check to see if your door is open, and lock or unlock the device remotely. You’ll also benefit from a smart module that lets you sync with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, and more.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 starts at $160 for the Keypad or Key-Free Keypad models that support Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit. Step up to the Wi-Fi-enabled variant, and starting prices jump to $240. Here’s a closer look at the available models:

Yale Assure Lock 2 (Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit Only)

  • Touchscreen: $180
  • Key-Free Touchscreen: $180
  • Keypad: $160
  • Key-Free Keypad: $160

Yale Assure Lock 2 with Wi-Fi

  • Touchscreen: $260
  • Key-Free Touchscreen: $260
  • Keypad: $240
  • Key-Free Keypad: $240

A Z-Wave compatible version of the Yale Assure Lock 2 will also arrive sometime soon, although an exact release date is yet to be announced. More details about the collection can be found on the official Yale website.

While the Assure Lock 2 brings a bevy of features to the table, it’s facing stiff competition from other smart locks. To see some other great products, be sure to peruse our round-up of the best smart locks of 2022.

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