You’ll have to work hard to get the latest DeLorean to 88 miles-per-hour

DeLorean AnydayLegendary car manufacturer DeLorean is all set to return next year with an electric version of its famous sports car, but if you fear taking on an original model in the meantime could prove expensive, there is another way to get the DeLorean name in your garage if you just can’t wait.

The answer comes from DeLorean themselves, as they’ve launched the first in a series of bicycles, named the DeLorean Anyday. Now you see why reaching 88 miles-per-hour could be difficult.

To tie the bike in with the brand, the Anyday’s frame has been constructed from stainless steel, which aside from looking shiny and cool, provides excellent ride quality, frame stiffness and a high level of durability according to DeLorean.

Stainless steel has seen something of a revival in the world of bikes recently, and the task of making the frame went to Columbus, a well-established Italian company that has previously won awards for its XCR series of stainless steel tubes used on the Anyday.

The wheels are also quite unusual, as they have a luminescent coating that shines when light hits the spokes, which should help the rider avoid being hit by anything else.

Other features include an 11-speed hub, hydraulic front and rear brakes, carbon fiber forks and a gel saddle.

In the future, the Anyday will be joined by two more models, called the Speed and the Cruise, however no details have been released concerning either at this point.

This leaves only the price of the Anyday to discuss. DeLorean knows its name has a certain cache, and it hasn’t chosen cheap components for its two-wheeled project either, so expect a charge for $5,495 to appear on your credit card statement after ordering one.

Is it worth it? That all depends on your devotion to the DeLorean brand, but it’s certainly less than a DMC-12, and considerably cheaper than the $90,000-plus price tag expected to be attached to the electric model.