A New Phlash for Your Mobile Camera Phone

Foxden Holdings earlier this week unveiled a universal camera phone flash designed to provide better lighting for mobile phone photography. The Phlash is priced at $29.99 and available now.

The Phlash, said Foxden Holdings, measures just over an inch wide and takes the form of a silver button that can either be stuck to the back of a camera phone or hung from the phone via an included strap. To get the flash, which is specifically engineered for the close-up style of photos normally taken on camera phones, one presses the device’s silver button while at the same time pressing the phone’s capture button.

“There are 100 million cameraphones being used today, but less than 1 percent include a built-in flash,” said Dale Fox, director, Foxden Holdings and the inventor of Phlash, in a statement. “And unfortunately, even those built-in flashes are very weak because they are often added by manufacturers as an afterthought. That’s ironic, considering most consumers use cameraphones to take quick, candid photos indoors — at restaurants, clubs, or other places with insufficient lighting. To solve this problem, we developed Phlash. Phlash is 12 times brighter than most built-in flashes, and allows anyone who already owns a cameraphone to finally take quality pictures indoors and at night.”