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Acer’s Xplova S5 biking computer records video when your heart starts racing

If you’re into using trackers for cycling, then you’re probably aware of Acer’s Xplova biking computer. The company introduced a new version of the device, called the Xplova S5, that brings in a few new tricks.

Perhaps the most important change to the device is that it now includes a wide-screen camera that offers the ability to record action video, potentially eliminating the need for you to buy an actual GoPro.

The camera’s coolest feature is that you can set different recording triggers, so that you only record the best part of your bike ride. For example, you can set the device to record based on your heart rate, so the camera might switch on once you’re at the peak of your ride.

The Xplova S5 will also obviously track your progress as you ride, including things like heart rate and geographical location, using its built-in GPS. It can sync with and store information to the Xplova Moment app, allowing you to save details about your trip with points of interest to the cloud, in case you want to use that data to refine future trips or track your progress. Alternatively, the device can sync to

Malarie Gokey / Digital Trends
Malarie Gokey / Digital Trends

The Xplova S5 essentially acts like a dashboard for your cycling trip, offering real-time information on its display as you go. This information includes power output, heart rate, distance, and so on. It also offers IPX7 water resistance, so you can rest easy riding in the rain.

Acer didn’t give much information about the availability of the Xplova S5 beyond saying it will arrive in Q3 of this year. Pricing and exact release dates have yet to be announced. The company also revealed a slew of other products, including the Leap Fit fitness band, which it claims has the longest battery life of any fitness wearable in its class.

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