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Acer’s Leap Fit always watches your heart rate, but not at the expense of battery life

Acer is on its way to celebrating its 40th anniversary, and has announced a clutch of new wearables, smartphones, and computers ahead of the big day. It’s new wearable is the Liquid Fit Leap, a fitness band that follows on from the original Liquid Leap, and the Leap Active. The big change here is the addition of an always-on heart rate monitor.
Acer Liquid Leap Fit Rear Logo
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While that’s great for fitness fanatics, and for those keen to keep a really close check on health, it’s rarely very good for battery life. Acer says it has thought about this, and fitted a battery that’s twice the size of the one fitted to existing Leap bands. This has resulted in the longest battery life found on any continuous heart rate monitoring smart band you can buy. By how much? Acer’s not saying, but the Leap comes in at about a week on a single charge, so the same for the Leap Fit sounds possible.

Outside of the heart rate monitor, the Leap Fit connects to Acer’s personal coaching system. The app will track your activity as usual, and set targets for upping health and fitness. Additionally, it’ll remind you to get moving or to take medication, plus present daily activity progress reports.

Oddly, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about the Leap Fit. It was also announced back in April last year, alongside the Leap Active and Leap Curve. While the Active has subsequently gone on sale, Acer obviously held the Fit back, and only now deemed it ready for sale. We’re still waiting for details on the price, release, and final specifications. We’ll update here when Acer confirms them.

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