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Boarding Pass Scanner wants to compensate you for a delayed or canceled flight

If time is money, and you lose time because of a delayed or canceled flight, it seems only natural that you gain money to reset the balance. Because really, how else can you be appeased after sitting in an airport for hours only to find that you are unable to go home (or worse yet, on vacation)? AirHelp understands your frustration and has launched an in-app boarding pass scanner that promises to deliver real-time flight compensation eligibility decisions. With just a couple taps of your finger, you can turn your delayed or canceled flight into a reimbursement claim, finding your silver lining even if you are not flying high among the clouds.

Now available in the AirHelp app, the Boarding Pass Scanner will let you check whether or not you are eligible for flight delay compensation in real time, which allows you to make a claim instantly from your boarding gate. Simply scan the barcode on your boarding pass using your smartphone’s camera, and the app will do the heavy lifting for you. You can also add multiple boarding passes at once, so if you are traveling with friends and family, you can play hero by (hopefully) getting some money back.

“Enlightening consumers about their passenger rights and streamlining the process to seek compensation is our company’s core mission. We’re delighted to celebrate the launch of this new feature that provides a straight-forward and easy-to-use solution for a common frustration,” said AirHelp CEO and co-founder Henrik Zillmer.

This is by no means the first feature AirHelp has launched to make traveling less of a pain for passengers. Earlier in 2017, the company launched Herman, a robot lawyer that is meant to process travel claims more efficiently and more accurately. And now, with the Boarding Pass Scanner, you will be moving faster than ever (even if your plane isn’t).

“Each year, more than eight million air passengers are entitled to compensation for a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight, but only two percent will go on to actually file a claim,” Zillmer said. “Our priority is ensuring passengers are not deterred from claiming what they’re legally entitled to, by empowering them to file for compensation hassle-free with just a few clicks of their smartphone.”

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