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Want Android? The Holofone Phablet has it. Want Windows 10? It has that, too

akyumen holofone phablet dual boot
The smartphone industry has turned into one that includes familiar design, regardless of which phone you look at. Akyumen is here to shake things up, however, with its Holofone Phablet, a beast of a device that packs more than a few surprises.

Beginning with the exterior, the Holofone more than lives up to its name by featuring a massive 7-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 resolution display. You will definitely look silly with such a massive device on the side of your head when making calls, but at least you will have plenty of room to watch movies and play games.

If you need even more space, however, the Holofone includes a 35-lumen projector that can project images up to 100 inches on the diagonal. According to Akyumen, the projected image is of a “high resolution,” so we hope the projector shoots out at least 720p resolution images.

The Holofone has another trick up its sleeve: the ability to boot into either the aging Android 5.0 Lollipop or Windows 10. We are not sure whether the Holofone will be upgraded to either Marshmallow or the upcoming Nougat, but at least it will not have to worry about running Continuum from Windows 10 Mobile, since it runs Microsoft’s desktop operating system.

Elsewhere, a quad-core Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor and 4GB RAM power the Holofone, with the 128GB of onboard storage expandable through the MicroSD card slot. A 5-megapixel sensor is found around front, while the 13MP main camera features what Akyumen calls “super slow motion technology.” Meanwhile, the 3,500mAh battery promises to provide two hours of continuous projector use. Finally, the Holofone features 4G LTE connectivity and USB Type-C support.

If you are interested in the Holofone, keep in mind that the phablet is sold only in bundles through Akyumen’s website. The bundles start at $600 for the Education Package and go all the way up to $950 for the Advanced Package, which includes everything from a Bluetooth speaker to a game controller. Several packages of the white and silver Holofone are currently sold out, with bundles still available for the black and white variant. Any available bundles will ship out to customers beginning on November 5.

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