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Galaxy S23 owners need to be on the lookout for this update

The Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra all next to each other.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra delivers on nearly every aspect. And while the camera system is top-notch, it’s still got some room for improvement — and Samsung knows it.

The company has been working on a major camera update that fixes a slew of bugs and enhances video quality, and a Samsung Community forum post confirms that it has released that update for all three models in the Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung is now rolling out the second March 2023 software update for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra in South Korea. One of the issues that bugged me personally was comparatively slow autofocus. The company is fixing that by improving the autofocus speed and accuracy. Samsung has also worked on the speed of Camera and Gallery apps. The latter now allows you to immediately delete photos that were just captured and are getting processed.

According to the English translation provided by SamMobile, Samsung has changed the autofocus algorithm to let you click pictures even if the frame is out of focus or not set. But you can change the setting if you want the camera shutter to click an image only after the frame is in focus by going to Camera Assistant > Prioritize Focus Over Speed ON. It also fixes the bug where a green line appears on the left side when using the rear-facing camera in Photo mode.

The new Galaxy S23 update also improves sharpness and reduces flicker while shooting videos with the ultrawide camera in lowlight scenarios using the Super Steady mode. Samsung has also worked on improving video stabilization when the resolution is set to Full HD 60 frames per second and the Auto FPS setting is turned off on the rear cameras. This will result in better sharpness in high-resolution shots of 50MP and 200MP. The company has also enhanced the optical image stabilization (OIS) performance to solve the intermittent blurring issue.

Other bug fixes include solving the camera issue where face recognition didn’t work after ending a video call.

Samsung is expected to release the update globally in the coming weeks for Galaxy S23 series users. Although there’s no confirmed date for exactly when that will be, you’ll certainly want to download the update as soon as it is available. The S23 lineup is already great, and this update is set to make these phones even better.

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