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Amazon’s kid-friendly Fire HD 10 tablets bring AI-powered games

Photo of the new Amazon Fire Kids tablets from its September 2023 event.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Amazon launched a pair of new devices for its Fire Kids range at its fall event, including updated models of the Fire HD 10 Kids and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro. While there’s little to write home about in terms of physical updates, these two new tablets have also been released alongside some new apps that make them great options to entertain the whole family, not just children.

The big draws here are the new apps and games on offer. Amazon’s big, new drive involves implementing AI into its products, and these two Kids tablets are no exception. The new Music Maker app allows children to become composers by combining a number of different instruments and sound effects into their own composition, while being assisted by the app’s AI.

Amazon is also adding 10 new Play Together games to the Fire Kids tablets, including Checkers and Memory Match. The aim is to add more family-friendly options to Fire Kids tablets to bring children and adults together for playtime, even if they’re separated by geography — adults can join in the fun from other devices across the country. Also included in the new update are “Quests,” which are essentially collections of books, videos, and apps that push children deeper into specific topics. The topics are wide-ranging, and focused around areas kids have natural interests in, like dinosaurs or space exploration.

Amazon Fire 10 Kids tablet from Amazon's September 2023 event.

The Music Maker app, new Play Together games, and Quests are all available through the Amazon Kid+ subscription, and you’ll get 12 months of the Kids+ subscription for free when you buy any new Fire Kids tablet, including the two new Fire HD 10 Kids models.

We mentioned that the hardware updates for the two tablets were fairly minimal, and that’s largely true. As you’d expect, there are some upgrades to the internals that justify the new models. There’s a new processor that Amazon claims is 25% faster than previous versions, and the whole package has been made lighter than before too, which is a big update when you consider the target audience for these two tablets are between 3 and 12 years old. The two tablets have the same 3GB of RAM, 1080p display, and 5-megapixel cameras as the previous generation, and the battery is still as long-lasting. With this in mind, the price is also a bonus: The Fire HD 10 Kids and Kids Pro are $10 cheaper than the previous generation, with prices starting from $190.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids and HD 10 Kids Pro will start shipping next month, and prices start from $190. Both come with 12 months of Amazon Kids+ included.

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