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Android 12 release imminent as Samsung’s new One UI 4 Beta Program begins

Samsung has announced that its One UI 4 Beta Program will roll out on the morning of Tuesday, September 14, in select markets, essentially confirming the imminent arrival of the Android 12 operating system.

Samsung’s official press release promises it will feature “new and improved customization and privacy capabilities.” That includes redesigned and upgraded widgets, access to a “more robust and diverse” array of emojis (fingers crossed for “the_horns”), and tools to let you customize your home screen, icons, notifications, wallpapers, and “every aspect” of the overall mobile experience.

The Android 12 update is also rumored to include a new Quick Settings button, significant optimizations for Android tablets, and a host of new design changes, including a new splash screen and an updated look for UI elements like the volume slider.

This is a surprising reversal of fortune for the One UI 4 beta, which had previously been rumored to be delayed until at least October. As recently as Monday morning, many had been speculating that Samsung would hold off on the open beta period for another few weeks.

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The source of much of this speculation appears to be an anonymous Korean blogger, who reported that uncaught bugs would force a delay of a week or more in the beta’s rollout, which just goes to show that you can’t trust all rumors.

Now, with the One UI 4 beta going live, it’s indicative that customers may be getting the new UI for their Samsung phones as soon as this coming December. The last major rollout for Samsung saw the One UI 3.0 beta starting in mid-September 2020, with the stable version arriving the following December. Of course, that assumes the beta doesn’t discover anything explosive about the new OS that would force further delays.

Owners of Galaxy S21 smartphones will be able to register for the beta via their Samsung Members app at a currently unspecified time on the morning of September 14. Assuming your Members app is fully updated, you should be able to log into it with your Samsung account details and select the registration option from the home banner or notices page.

Other non-flagship Samsung smartphones —  assuming this beta follows previous precedent — should be made eligible to test at some point later this year.

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