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Thomas Hindmarch

Thomas Hindmarch

Contributing writer

Thomas Hindmarch is a freelance writer with 20 years' experience in the gaming and technology fields. He has previously contributed to Game Rant and Lifewire. As a strategy guide author, he wrote or co-wrote books on Far Cry 3, Watch_Dogs, Sunset Overdrive, and others for Brady and Prima Games.

the overlooked games of 2023 mog23 featured

The overlooked games of 2023: 11 sleeper hits you need to play

With so many excellent games in 2023, some were bound to get lost in the shuffle. Here are 11 games from this year that you shouldn't miss.
first look phantom hellcat preview pax key art 1

Phantom Hellcat turns Devil May Cry into a theatrical production

Phantom Hellcat takes a "back to basics" approach to action, but it does so with theatrical flair.
A bottle of whiskey inspired by The Last of Us sits on a table.

We tasted The Last of Us Part II’s apocalyptic new whisky

We tried the new whiskey inspired by The Last of Us Part II, and it tastes as smoky as the apocalypse.
A comparison shot of an iPhone, a Pixel 6, and a Samsung Galaxy S22.

iPhone 13 comes out on top in new SellCell value depreciation report

Smartphone seller SellCell released a report on depreciating trade-in values for smartphones. Why'd the iPhone win?
a shot of the DXRacer Craft Custom gaming chair

DXRacer Craft review: It ain’t pretty, but it sure is comfy

If you want a durable, comfortable office chair and don't mind if it looks kind of ridiculous, check out the DXRacer Craft.
A view of the metaverse version of Samsung's flagship 837 store.

Samsung doubles down on NFTs with digital metaverse adventure

Samsung wants to reward metaverse adventurers with a custom NFT.
keymander 2 mobile review featured image

Keymander 2 Mobile hands-on review: Just OK — when it works

The Keymander 2 Mobile is useful for text editing and action games, but has a certain first-generation sloppiness to it.
Someone playing the Steam Deck.

What the Steam Deck does that your PC doesn’t

If you've got a gaming PC already, what can the Steam Deck do that it can't? Several things, actually.
Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen in its holder.

Galaxy S22 reportedly the most pre-ordered Samsung phone ever

Samsung reports that its Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 are among its most popular devices ever in terms of pre-orders.
Zuckerberg Meta.

Metaverse and 5G: The hollow buzzword match made in heaven

Do you feel cynical about the metaverse, 5G, or both? Good, because there's plenty of hollowness to both.
A panel of G4 hosts sitting on a couch.

How the relaunched G4 plans to stand out in the Twitch era

G4's Brian Terwilliger talks on-air talent, its broadcast model, and G4 not taking itself seriously.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ 695 480+ 680 5G 4G MOBILE PLATFORM.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR platform will officially run on T-Mobile’s 5G network

T-Mobile is partnering with Qualcomm to provide 5G for its big move into "extended reality."
T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile Ultra Capacity 5G expansion will cover 300 million people by 2023

T-Mobile is set to serve 300 million customers with 5G Ultra Capacity by the end of 2023, says its president of technology, Neville Ray.
att 5g ford f150 lightning connectivity concept art of s f 150 electric truck

AT&T brings 5G cellular connectivity to Ford F-150 Lightning and production line

AT&T's 5G cellular connection is coming to both Ford's F-150 Lightning electric truck and its factory to help improve Ford's production lines.
Screenshots of NPerf internet speed checker app on iOS.

5G networks aren’t even close to ‘market penetration tipping point,’ study says

How long will it be until 5G becomes the market standard? A lot longer than you may think, according to the latest study.
T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile takes big 5G coverage and speed wins in new report

T-Mobile claims big wins in coverage and speed in the latest Opensignal report.
T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile lures subscribers with 500GB of Google One cloud storage for $5 a month

T-Mobile's lures more subscribers with a new, exclusive Google One plan for customers, offering 500GB of storage for just $5 a month.
Google Lens shopping integration.

Google Lens is getting Chrome integration to help you find out-of-stock products

Google wants to let Lens be your helpful shopping buddy by giving it Chrome search integration.
Picture of Time Square.

5G-enabled billboard in Times Square briefly brings interactive game to masses

With Project Monarch and 5G networks, thousands of people could end up playing games powered by billboard advertising.
A subway train in New York City.

Samsung’s latest 5G mmWave test took place inside a speeding subway train

Samsung successfully tested mmWave 5G on a subway in Seoul . It promises to bring high-speed networking to other public transport.
att 5g ar game zone wnba app at t view  bracket challenge

AT&T launches 5G-powered AR program Game View within the WNBA app

AT&T's 5G Game Zone app gives WNBA stats in real-time using augmented reality technology.
T-Mobile 5G gateway sitting by window.

T-Mobile announces expanded 5G Home Internet access across southern U.S.

T-Mobile expands 5G Home Internet coverage into 51 new U.S. areas, specifically focusing on southern states. Find out if you're able to sign up.
Surfing workout being tracked on the all new Apple Watch Series 7.

New Apple Watch Series 7 has a 20% larger screen that’s much brighter indoors

What's changed and improved with Apple's next-generation Apple Watch for 2022? Now, we finally have the answers.
Android 12 quick settings.

Android 12 release imminent as Samsung’s new One UI 4 Beta Program begins

Android 12's release date looks like it's right around the corner as Samsung's One UI 4 beta goes live starting September 14.
iPad, iPhone, and airpods.

Pegasus and BlastDoor are why you need to update your Apple devices immediately

Two major security vulnerabilities are why you need to update your Apple devices immediately.
Ericsson and Qualcomm Achieve First 5G NR Call on CBRS Spectrum

Qualcomm and Ericsson’s successful 5G New Radio test heralds next level of IoT

Qualcomm and Ericsson's successful joint test of 5G New Radio can help bring about the next generation of the Internet of Things.
Otterbox folidng battery charger for gamers.

Otterbox’s Folding Wireless Power Bank offers fast charging while gaming

Otterbox's new Portable Wireless Power Bank offers up to 25 extra hours of gaming on your phone.
A MacBook with Google Chrome loaded.

Google made $8.5 billion in gross profit off the Play app store in 2019

The Play Store made Google $11.2 billion in 2019, according to a new lawsuit that revealed details about the company's financials.
Quick Setting screen on the TCL 20 Pro 5G.

Qualcomm and ZTE hit new mark for millimeter-wave 5G speeds

Qualcomm has announced that it and ZTE worked together to hit a new speed record for millimeter-wave 5G in advance of the new network's Chinese rollout.
Google Pixel 6 colors.

Google chooses Samsung over Qualcomm to make the Pixel 6 5G modem

Samsung is in and Qualcomm is out when it coms to making the upcoming Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro modem. What does this mean for 5G and other specs?
lg successful 6g transmission test demo 03

LG runs a successful 6G THz outdoor transmission test

LG Electronics has reported a new milestone for 6G THz transmissions, heralding a new breakthrough even as the 5G rollout continues.