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Samsung doubles down on NFTs with digital metaverse adventure

Samsung has announced that it’s renovated its metaverse hangout 837X so that it now includes a new “customization quest” for visitors to create their own unique NFT.

When 837 debuted in January, it was as a “brand land takeover” within the blockchain-powered Decentraland metaverse. Previously, Decentraland users could get virtually dropped off just outside the virtual 837X building, which is based on the flagship Samsung 837 store on Washington Street in New York City.

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Upon going inside, 837X visitors would be taken on “a digital adventure through the Connectivity Theater and Sustainability Forest to complete quests along the way for 837X Non-Fungible Token (NFT) badges and by a celebration at the Customization Stage,” according to the news release. Over the course of 837X’s original run, Samsung says it attracted nearly 120,000 visitors.

Starting at 8:37 p.m. ET on March 21, Samsung will reopen 837X for metaversal visitors, who will be taken on a new experience called “You Make It.” Based on Samsung’s #YouMake service, where users can customize the color schemes of various Samsung electronics like refrigerators and flip phones, You Make It is a magical Choose Your Own Adventure trip through metaversal brand identity.

An avatar enters Samsung's 837X store through the metaverse.

Through a partnership with the A.I.-powered NFT company Pixelmind (currently in beta), You Make It sends 837X visitors on a quest that’s “inspired by all of the ways Samsung empowers people to express their unique style, raising the bar for personalization and choice,” to quote the official press release.

“The adventure begins with three mystical characters that embody the design, flexibility, and connectivity of Samsung’s customizable technology,” the release continues. “A bold tiger, an intelligent octopus, and a sophisticated owl will guide each adventurer, based on their personal design spirit. From there, fans can explore dynamic patterns and colors of the sea, travel through an immersive jungle temple, and climb adventurous mountain islands alongside each character.”

Depending on which path a visitor takes through the You Make It quest, they will gradually curate a piece of art, the final product of which will be personalized via Pixelmind based on the decisions the visitor made along the way.

The first 20,000 visitors who complete You Make It will receive that art as a unique NFT, while all visitors will “unlock ways to earn NFT badges to add to their growing 837X collection.” Those NFTs will initially be revealed the week of March 28, at which point they can be shared or displayed.

The bigger takeaway here is that Samsung is, for whatever reason, going all-in on NFTs. The 837X personal art adventure metaversal thrill ride is just one spoke on that particular wheel; another is the recent announcement that its line of 2022 TVs come with an integrated NFT platform as part of their Smart Hubs. Samsung is making a lot of strong bets on the blockchain overall.

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