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Apple looking to get behind the wheel with iOS 7 car dashboard integration


Plenty of cars nowadays have plugs built-in, made especially for hooking up your iPods and taking your entire music library on the road. Having to rely on just a CD player or (heaven forbid) the radio seems so … limiting.

While we’re sure Apple is happy to see so many people relying on its iPhone and iPod every time they get behind the wheel, the Cupertino company is looking to take things one (big) step further. 9 to 5 Mac reports that Apple is doing its best to integrate both Siri and Maps into the consoles of future generations of motor vehicles.

However, if the source is correct, the technology would still require users to plug in their own devices to get the ball rolling. After plugging in an iOS device, it would then sync up with the car’s built-in display.

This would do away with the need to buy a separate dashboard mount, which can partially obstruct some of your view. Not to mention, being able to take advantage of a larger screen can make it much easier to follow on-screen navigation. To boot, the Siri integration would allow you to interact with Maps without having to toggle through a dozen menu screens while driving.

According to the source, Apple’s pitch to auto manufacturers includes integration based on the technology that will be found in iOS 7. But regardless, it warns that we shouldn’t expect to see any of this come to fruition anytime in the near future. Hurdles that Apple will need to overcome include testing the technology in cars, cutting deals with manufacturers, and making huge improvements to both Siri interaction and the accuracy of its maps. It really needs to catch up with the go-to mappers, Google, before it can convince people to rely on them while on the road.

What do you think? Would you prefer a car with Apple Maps integrated? Or would you rather stick to a standalone GPS device?

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