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Apple Maps brings major update to Canadian cities

Apple Maps ushered in new, detailed 3D city maps with the release of iOS 15 and now Canada’s biggest cities have been added to the feature. Apple device users are able to view Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in more detail than ever before using Apple Maps, according to an announcement made by Apple. The update provides much more precise environmental information as the app shows individual buildings and landmarks, giving users the ability to truly make sense of their surroundings.

When the feature debuted in a handful of American and English cities, users were impressed with the level of detail in each map. But the number of cities available was a little disappointing to anyone outside of the U.S. and London, so bringing detailed 3D maps to another country is an exciting development for the tech.

The full list of cities included in the iOS 15 version of Apple Maps is London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C. In addition to providing useful, highly realized maps, the app also offers updated navigation information, as well as improvements to its public transit updates.

With an update as large as the addition of three new major cities, Apple device owners living outside the list of select cities are hopeful that more maps are to come. When it was first introduced in September 2021, Apple made its plans to expand the scope of the app to the three Canadian cities clear, however, there haven’t been any updates on which places, if any, are coming next.

Seeing as it’s been six months between bringing new fully realized cities to Apple Maps and the feature’s launch, hopeful Apple device owners should likely expect to continue waiting for some time before new cities are added.

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