Apple will reportedly check your iPhone 6 Plus for signs of #Bendgate, and even replace it

IPhone 6 Plus studio front angle full plus
Everyone and their pet cat has heard about #Bendgate. Although Apple has yet to officially address the issue of bent iPhone 6 Plus units, it seems that Apple Support staff at the Genius bar are authorized to inspect users’ devices and determine the severity of the bend. In some cases, they may even be able to replace your bent iPhone 6 Plus.

When asked whether it would be possible to get a replacement for an iPhone 6 Plus that had been bent after normal use, one Apple Support staffer told The Next Web that it depends on the situation.

“That is 100 percent up to the Genius you speak with at the store,” the representative wrote in a message. “There is a test called a Visual Mechanical Inspection that the device will have to pass. If it is within the guidelines, they will be able to cover it. If not, the replacement would be a paid one.”

The support team was unable to clarify the guidelines of the inspection and did not say what criteria owners of bent iPhone 6 Plus units must meet to get a free replacement. An Apple PR rep told the publication that the company is looking into the cause of bendgate and will replace some iPhone 6 Plus units, provided that they haven’t been purposefully bent or harmed by the owner.

So far, it seems that bendgate has only affected a few customers, so with any luck the issue will soon be resolved and those with damaged iPhone 6 Plus units can get replacements. We contacted Apple Support in an online chat ourselves and we re-directed to Apple PR. We’ve contacted the company and will update this post with Apple’s response.

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