Apple’s Oct. 16 iPad and Mac event is over — Thanks for joining our live chat!

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Apple just wrapped up its second big presentation of the year on Oct. 16, and we heard all about the latest iPads and Macs. The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 debuted at the event alongside the incredibly pixel-dense 5K iMac and the Mac Mini.

Now that the event is officially over, you will be able to watch the full presentation on Apple’s website. Apple hasn’t posted the video yet, but it should be up soon. You can also check out our full coverage of the event and the new products by clicking on the following links:

Thanks for joining us in our special Apple Event chat!

We all watched the Apple event live. We ranted and raved about what Apple had to say. A good number of our writers and staff joined in, as did some of you DT readers! It was a great experience and you can relive it below (for now). The chat is closed, though.

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