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Apple Pay coming to more top U.S. stores, including Target and Taco Bell


Paying for tacos should be easy, and an announcement from Apple today means picking up a Taco Bell is even easier than before. Support for paying via Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch is coming to a bunch more U.S. retailers, so you’ll be able to quickly and easily pay for your fast food or groceries.

Included in the newest list of retailers to introduce Apple Pay support are Target, Taco Bell, Speedway, Hy-Vee, and Jack in the Box. With these additions, Apple boasts that Apple Pay now covers 74 of the U.S.’s top 100 merchants, as well as 65 percent of all U.S. retail locations.

“Whether customers are buying everyday household items, groceries, snacks for a road trip, or grabbing a quick meal, Apple Pay is the easiest way to pay in stores, while also being secure and faster than using a credit or debit card at the register,” said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of internet services. “We’re thrilled even more customers will be able to pay at their favorite stores and restaurants using the Apple devices that are always with them.”

These well known names join other everyday brands, including McDonalds, Best Buy, and 7/11. Rollout in all 245 of Hy-Vee’s stores and Speedway’s 3,000 locations is complete, and you should be able to use your Apple Pay in these locations from today. Target’s rollout is underway, and payment via Apple Pay should be available in all 1,850 U.S. locations across the next few weeks.

Taco Bell’s 8,400 restaurants and Jack in the Box’s 2,400 stores are lagging a little behind though, with Apple only promising to have the service available within the next few months. Still, it’s not like you’re locked out of other payment methods until Apple Pay is fully rolled out.

This is only the latest in a long line of updates for Apple Pay. With an estimated 127 million users paying with Apple Pay, it’s clear the payment service has become a hit. Apple Pay isn’t just about paying businesses either — users can pay each other using the Apple Pay Cash feature in iMessage, released in 2017. If you want to know how to set up your Apple Pay, you can check out our full Apple Pay guide.

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