How to use Apple Pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac

Whether you’re shopping online or in your favorite neighborhood store, you’re probably going to use a credit or debit card to make your purchase. If you’re one of the nearly 90 percent of people who prefer to use a credit or debit card for purchases, Apple Pay may be the perfect solution. Apple Pay allows you to store your frequently used credit, debit, and rewards cards on your favorite Apple device.

If you’re new to Apple Pay or just have questions about the service, we have you covered. Here’s how to set up and use Apple Pay for purchases online and in-store.

Supported Apple Pay devices

Apple Pay is supported on most modern devices — iPhone models from the iPhone SE to the current iPhone X are supported and all Apple Watches support Apple Pay. The fifth-generation iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3 and 4, and the iPad Air 2 work with Apple Pay. As for Macs, if your computer is capable of running MacOS Sierra or later, you should be fine.

Banks that support Apple Pay

Apple Pay is supported by most financial institutions and credit card companies in the U.S. Apple provides an up-to-date list of all financial institutions that accept Apple Pay.

Stores, websites, and apps that support Apple Pay

Apple Pay is supported by hundreds of brands and websites, including 7-Eleven, GameStop, Etsy, Staples, Toys “R” Us, and Fandango, with more being added all the time. You can find the current list of supported retailers here, or visit our exhaustive list of companies that accept Apple Pay here. Many third-party apps also allow you to use Apple Pay. You can check some of those apps out here. Of course, if you buy apps or other digital items from Apple, you can always use Apple Pay to purchase music, movies, apps, books, and more.

How to set up Apple Pay

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You can add eight cards to Apple Pay across your various supported devices, if you intend to use it on, say, your iPhone and Apple Watch,  you need to add your cards to both devices.

How to add cards to iPhone and iPad

  1. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app. On your iPad, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Tap Add Credit or Debit Card. If you don’t have Touch ID or a passcode already set up, you will be asked to do so.
  2. Tap Continue. If you want to use the card you have on file with iTunes or the App Store, you just need to enter the security code on the back of your card.
  3.  To add a different card to your account, tap Add a Different Card. You then have the opportunity to either use your camera to scan your card, or you can enter the card details manually.
  4.  Tap Next to have your card information verified. You may be prompted to contact your bank to complete the verification process. One verification is complete, tap Next and you’re all set to use Apple Pay.

How to add cards to Mac

  1.  To add a card to your Mac, you need to go to System Preferences > Wallet & Apple Pay, then click Add Card.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to use the card you have on file with iTunes or the App Store, you just need to enter the security code on the back of your card.
  3. To add a new card, simply enter your card details and click Next.
  4. Apple will attempt to verify your card. You may need to contact your bank to complete the verification process.
  5. Once your card has been verified, click Next to complete the setup process.

How to add cards to Apple Watch

how to use apple pay watchos4 series2 with credit

To add a card to your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Go to the My Watch tab and select the watch you’re going to use with Apple Pay. Tap Wallet & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your card, or enter the security code associated with the card you already use with iTunes.
  2. Tap Next and your information will be verified. In some cases, your bank may need more information.
  3. After your information is verified, tap Next once again to finish the setup process.

How to add a rewards card 

You can also add various rewards cards to the Wallet app to use with Apple Pay. Instead of choosing Add Credit or Debit Card, you want to add it as one of your Passes instead. Once added, you can have it appear automatically in a store by opening the Wallet app, tapping the card and the “i” icon, and turning on Automatic Selection.

If you have any issues adding a card to any of your devices, try restarting your device. Then, make sure it’s running the latest version of iOS, WatchOS, or MacOS. Also consider removing the card, then adding it again.

How to use Apple Pay in stores

It’s easy to spot retailers that accept Apple Pay. Stores that accept Apple Pay will have one of these logos on the door or at the register near its contactless reader:


To use Apple Pay in stores, you will need to have your iPhone or Apple Watch present.

  1. If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, just place your finger on the Touch ID scanner and hold the phone near the reader (within one inch) until you see Done accompanied by a check mark.
    • To use a different card for your purchase, just tap the default card when it appears before you authenticate with Face ID.
  2. iPhone X users will double tap the side button and glance at your phone. Hold your phone close to the contactless reader until you see Done accompanied by a check mark.
    • To use a different card for your purchase, hold your phone near the reader without placing your finger on Touch ID. When your card appears, you can tap it to swap with another card in your wallet. Once your card is selected, place your finger on Touch ID to finish the payment.
  3. To pay using your Apple Watch, double-click the side button and hold the watch near the reader until you see the word Done and the accompanying check mark.
    • To change cards on the Apple Watch, double-click the side button before holding it near the reader. When your default card appears, swipe left or right to change cards. Hold your watch near the reader to continue with your payment.

Note: If you’re prompted to choose between credit or debit, choose credit. Apple explains that, if you’re asked for the last four digits on the card, use your Device Account Number instead. To find this on your iPhone, open the Wallet app, pick your card, then tap the “i” icon. For the Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Wallet & Apple Pay > your card.

How to use Apple Pay in apps

There is a growing number of apps that accept Apple Pay. You will know if you can use the service when you see one of the buttons below while checking out, or Apple Pay is one of the optional payment methods:

  1. To pay, tap whichever button appears within checkout, or simply select Apple Pay as your preferred checkout method.
  2. If you want to pay with a different card, just tap the “>” icon next to your default card.
  3. On your iPhone or iPad, rest your finger on Touch ID to confirm the payment. On the Apple Watch, double-click the side button. When the payment process is complete, you will be met with the same Done confirmation and check mark you encountered previously.

How to use Apple Pay in Safari


Using Apple Pay in Safari is actually pretty easy, though, you still need an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac that supports the feature.

Make a payment using an iPhone, iPad, or a MacBook Pro with Touch ID

  1. Tap the Apple Pay or Buy with Apple Pay button.
  2. Double-check your billing, shipping, and other information.
    1. To use a different card on iPhone or iPad, tap the “>” next to the selected card.
    2. To use a different card on the MacBook Pro, press the up or down arrows next to the current card.
  3. When you’re ready to confirm your purchase and pay:
    1. On iPhone and iPad, rest your finger on the Touch ID scanner. If payment is accepted, you will see Done and a check mark.
    2. On the MacBook Pro, you will be given steps to follow on the Touch Bar. Rest your finger on the Touch ID sensor, as you would on an iOS device. If Touch ID is disabled, tap the Apple Pay icon, and you will be presented with steps to enable the feature. When your payment is complete, you will see a familiar message and check mark.

Make a payment using Mac

This is largely the same as using Apple Pay on a MacBook Pro, aside from a few small things that need to be checked first.

  1. First, you need to be signed into the same iCloud account as your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. After that, you need to turn on Bluetooth in order for your Mac to utilize any credit or debit card added to your iOS device or Apple Watch.
  2. Tap the Buy with Apple Pay or Apple Pay button, then check your information or change cards as you would on a MacBook Pro.
  3. To pay, place your finger on your iPhone’s Touch ID sensor, or double-click the side button on the Apple Watch. When your payment is successful, you’ll be greeted with a familiar message and check mark.

How to check your transaction history

You can check your recent translations by opening the Wallet app. Initially, you will only be shown the last transaction made with a card. To see more than that, tap the card and the “i” icon, followed the Transactions tab.

Updated for current devices and iOS.


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