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Apple Sells 3.27 Million iPads in June

Even if the current bad press from the iPhone 4 had any real and lasting effect on the company’s reputation, Apple’s June quarterly numbers should be enough to remind everyone that there is a reason that Apple surpassed rival Microsoft in market capitalization.

In the financial quarter that ended in June, Business Insider is reporting that Apple reportedly shipped 3.27 million iPads, 3.47 million Macs, and 9.4 million iPods. The iPhone 4 managed to ship out an impressive 8.4 million units, which is slightly below estimates, but the number does not factor in backorders and delays which would have increased that number by several million. Also keep in mind that the iPhone just launched on June 24, six days before the quarter ended.

To put those numbers in perspective, the company earned $3.25 billion on $15.7 billion of revenue in the June quarter, and it is expecting to do even better next quarter, with estimates as high as $18 billion in revenue. So much for that whole “antennagate” issue.

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