Apple to talk about the future of iOS and OS X at WWDC 2014, now confirmed for June 2

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The day after Microsoft opened the doors to Build 2014, its annual developer conference, Apple has released the official dates for its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year. The event begins on June 2 and will run until June 6. Those attending will be able to chat with more than a thousand Apple engineers, and take part in at least 100 technical workshops over the couse of the week.

WWDC 2014 InvitiationAll that’s great for the developer community, but we’re more interested in the content of Apple’s now famous opening keynote speech. The press release gives nothing away, saying only we’ll be learning about the “future of iOS and OS X.” There is some good news though. Apple will be live streaming the opening keynote — referred to as the “State of the Union session” — on its website.

Although it doesn’t tell us, we can expect both iOS 8, and the next version of OS X to be the main focus. Both operating systems received considerable upgrades last year, with the redesigned iOS 7 taking center stage during WWDC 2013. While we may see iOS 8, it won’t be ready for release until later on in the year, and usually coincides with the debut of a new iPhone.

On that subject, there have been rumors of the iPhone 6’s arrival at WWDC. Although this would be very early for Apple to replace the iPhone 5S, it can’t be discounted entirely as a rumor. Plus, we’ve yet to see any new hardware at all from Apple in 2014, so perhaps it will take the opportunity to show off some new gadgets. Perhaps the mythical iWatch?

We’ll bring you all the news from Apple’s WWDC 2014 event on the day.