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Huge ROG Phone 6 leak reveals all about Asus’ gaming flagship

We’ve known for a while that the Asus ROG Phone 6 is coming soon, but some of the finer details — like a full specifications breakdown — have remained unclear. That is until a leak posted to the Chinese blogging site Weibo by user Digital Chat Station detailed everything about the ROG Phone 6.

Up to this point, Asus had shared a few key details about the gaming phone that also showed up in the leak. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and the 165Hz refresh rate were both previously mentioned, but the additional details shared on Weibo are making the ROG Phone 6 out to be a true must-buy for mobile gaming fans.

A possible early render of the Asus ROG Phone 6.
Mishaal Rahman/ Twitter

The display will be a 6.78-inch OLED Samsung panel that supports the previously known 165Hz refresh rate. While the screen isn’t any bigger than the ROG Phone 5, the improved refresh rate should make gaming seem even smoother on the ROG Phone 6. The ROG Phone 5 shipped last year with a 144Hz refresh rate, while most other flagships have a 120Hz rating.

Behind the display, the leak claims that the ROG Phone 6 will have 18GB of RAM but doesn’t mention anything about internal storage. The battery will reportedly have a capacity of 6,000mAh and support 65W fast charging. Like the ROG Phone 5 before it, the ROG Phone 6 will have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The only other detail that the leak mentions is that the ROG Phone 6 will have a 64-megapixel triple camera, but doesn’t mention what the other lenses will be. While having high-resolution cameras is certainly a perk in all flagship smartphones, they’re not necessarily why most fans will flock to the ROG Phone 6.

Asus’ ROG line of smartphones is one of the go-to’s for mobile gaming fans who want a smartphone with a clear gaming focus. It’s important to take all leaks with a grain of salt, but this one seems to be right in line with our expectations for the ROG Phone 6. Either way, it looks like we’ll know soon enough as Asus’ full reveal event for the ROG Phone 6 is happening in early July.

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