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Hackers breached 2FA accounts of some Authy users, Twilio confirms

Twilio, an online communications company, was the subject of a cyberattack earlier this month, but today the company has confirmed that the attack was bigger in scope than it initially announced. The announcement from early August said that 100 Twilio customers had their information accessed by outside sources as a result of Twilio employees being phished. Now the company has announced that 93 Authy app users have also had select information compromised.

What at Authy was breached

Authy is a two-factor authentication app owned by Twilio, so a breach can’t get much worse for consumers than having their security information compromised. Following an internal investigation, Twilio says that 93 accounts were accessed and had additional unauthorized devices added to them. The company confirmed that it had “identified and removed unauthorized devices” from all impacted accounts.

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Authy (logo)

The reason these devices were added was essentially to create devices capable of bypassing specific users’ two-factor authentication in order to gain even more information about their various other accounts that rely on Authy for security. Other than providing the number of accounts that were breached, Twilio didn’t give any specific details regarding what user information may have been accessed through Authy accounts.

The attack seems to be tied to the hacker group “Oktapus” which has laid claim to numerous company information breaches over the last six months, including a breach of DoorDash, which was reported earlier this week.

How to know if your Authy account is affected

Twilio says that it has already reached out to all 93 account owners to let them know that were affected by the breach and that their information is at risk. If you didn’t hear from the company, you’re likely a part of the roughly 75 million Authy users that got through the breach unaffected. It’s still not a bad idea to check your Authy account information to make sure that nothing suspicious is going on there.

In addition to changing any passwords associated with your Authy account, Twilio recommends looking in your account settings to “review all devices tied to (your) Authy account” in order to make sure that only authorized devices are connected. The company also advises users to disable the “Allow Multi-Device” setting in their account to restrict the devices linked to it.

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