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OnePlus confirms 10R and Nord CE 2 Lite launch dates

OnePlus has finally confirmed the launch dates for the OnePlus 10R as well as the Nord CE 2 Lite. Fans of the company have been speculating that both devices would be going live sometime around the end of April, but now the company has officially confirmed that they’ll be launching on Thursday, April 28. OnePlus is hosting a launch event that day to showcase both devices and prove more details on each.

Proceeding the company’s announcement, there were plenty of leaks showcasing the smartphones, specifically the 10R and its specs which was also referred to as the OnePlus Ace. It seems as if OnePlus has dropped the name in favor of calling it the 10R, however, it could be a topic brought up during the launch event at the end of the month.

The Nord CE 2 Lite also saw some pre-announcement speculation, but not to the same scale as the 10R. Both devices were featured in a prominent leak from late March which laid out the release timeline for six of OnePlus’ upcoming offerings. It’s still to be seen if the rest of the list is accurate, but the Nord CE 2 Lite was placed correctly and the 10R was pretty close so it seems like OnePlus might have a lot more in store for the coming months.

While the official launch announcement for both smartphones is certainly exciting, all evidence points to the 10R and the Nord CE 2 Lite being regionally exclusive to India. Neither phone has been mentioned by the company on social media outside of the OnePlus India Twitter account and a lot of its other offerings are India exclusive devices.

There has been some indication that OnePlus wants to make more of its smartphones available globally, however, that sort of treatment has typically been reserved for its premiere devices. There’s still time for the company to announce a global launch for the 10R and Nord CE 2 Lite, especially with the launch event on the horizon, but that still feels unlikely. That said, both devices are in a good spot to sell well, even if they are a regional exclusive, given OnePlus’ popularity in Asia.

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