Best Apps of the Week: NFL Matchups Live, Where’s My Water 2, and more

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If you’re an Apple fan, this week has been all about waiting. You’re waiting in line for the chance to get the iPhone 5S or 5C; you’re waiting for iOS 7 to download; you’re waiting for all your other Apple-loving friends to reassure you that the iPhone 5S is totally worth the upgrade. Just remember, it’s not about what device you decide to use or even what operating system it runs – it’s all about the apps. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite new and updated apps of the week, great ways to keep yourself occupied during all that waiting.

Coast by Opera, iOS (free)

Coast by Opera screenshotOpera may not be the standout name in Web browsers, but it has a long history of producing a solid product. It’s continuing that legacy with Coast by Opera, a browser made specifically to aid in the Web-based pursuits of iPad users. It feels right at home on the big touch screen with a bold visual style, intuitive swipe controls, and simple interface that will make you feel guilty for not spending more time online. Opera has fully embraced the new world of mobile Web and Coast will make a case for being your default browser.

Clear update, iOS ($3)

Clear update screenshotThere were a ton of apps updating this week to add an iOS 7 inspired style, Clear maintained the extremely smooth and minimalistic design that its had since launch. Instead, this update makes the app simply adds iPad support for the first time. If you haven’t already tried out Clear, a to-do list app that has received tons of praise since its launch, then there’s no better time to get in on the productivity-increasing tool than right now.

Where’s My Water? 2, iOS (free)

Wheres My Water 2 screenshotYou’ve no doubt played Where’s My Water, one of the most popular mobile games that we’ve seen yet. The gators are back for more with a sequel to the hit series – shocking coming from a franchise owned by Disney, right? Where’s My Water 2 features more than 100 new levels that take place in brand new environments, and you’ll be aided along the way with additional boosts and tools. To make sure this game sucks down even more of your time than the first one did, there’s new ways to play including a challenge mode and “Duck Dash” levels. Where’s My Water 2 will make you ask “Where’d my free time go?”

Simplenote, Android and iOS (free)

Simplenote screenshotIf you have some thoughts crossing your mind that you just need to record or have some information you know you’ll forget if you don’t write it down, you can store it all in Simplenote. The popular note-taking app is all new for iOS with an overhaul to the look and feel of the app and has made its Android debut this week as well. The app has a simplicity to it that makes your thoughts and ideas the focus, but has a detailed organization system that will make sure your notes never get lost like they would in your head. Make a note to download Simplenote immediately.

Daily Dashboard update, Windows Phone ($2)

Daily Dashboard update screenshotIf you find yourself feeling a little lost at the start of the day, waking up knowing you have plenty to do but unsure on where to start, Daily Dashboard is the app you need. This smart calendar and daily assistant tool will help you stay on top of everything by showing you all the information pertinent to you every day. See appointments you have to go to, meetings you’re set to attend, upcoming birthdays for friends, and even the weather for the day.

Infectonator: Hot Chase, iOS and Android (free)

Infectonator Hot Chase screenshotWe know there’s no shortage of zombie related content out in the world. Mobile games might be one of the biggest offenders, as there’s always some undead-themed title being released. But every once in awhile one manages to make itself stand out in the horde. Infectonator: Hot Chase is one of those games. You play as a zombie, living in the pixelated world that will call back memories of gaming as a kid, who aims to chase down and fall in love with a reporter covering the apocalypse. You’ll do so with the help of skills boosts, power-ups, and more.

Ansa Messenger, Android and iOS (free)

Ansa Messenger screenshotIf the idea of Snapchat and the self-destructing picture message appeals to you, but you don’t think it goes far enough, then Ansa Messenger is what you’re looking for. It takes the concept of record-free messaging and applies to texts as well. Chat up your friends, sending messages back and forth the way that you would with any text app, and let Ansa make sure that the words sent back and forth between you and your friend stay between just the two of you. It’s great for those who need a little extra privacy or the permanently paranoid.

Google Wallet update, Android and iOS (free)

Google Wallet screenshotGoogle has finally decided to take the training wheels off of Google Wallet and unleash it on its many Android users. Google Wallet is now available for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and higher. Now the abilities of transferring money between friends, managing loyalty cards digitally, getting money saving offers, and making in-store purchases are available to just about every Android user. The iOS version of the app also got an update improving its capabilities and making it iOS 7 friendly. 

NFL Matchups Live, iOS and Android (free)

NFL Matchups Live screenshotThere are already tons of ways to enjoy football games. You can watch them the way everyone does, you can flip between games to keep tabs on the players on your fantasy teams, you can play through the games in Madden, and now you can turn football into a collectible card game with NFL Matchups Live. You can build your own team the same way you’d build a deck in any card-based game, then use the players you’ve acquired to take on the best talent in the NFL. It’s the perfect football fix when there’s no game on TV.

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