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5 best BlackBerry Priv cases and covers to keep your QWERTY phone safe

BlackBerry brings a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and excellent build quality to the Android scene with the BlackBerry Priv, and it seems to be selling well. Believe it or not, the smartphone could mark a turning point in the beleaguered company’s fortunes. Owners will be keen to keep that gorgeous display in perfect condition, but slider-style phones can be difficult to find cases for. Fear not! We have been searching high and low to bring you a list of the best BlackBerry Priv cases and covers around.

Incipio Octane Pure Case ($30)

Incipio Octane Pure Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Options are seriously limited if you want a traditional fitted case for your BlackBerry Priv right now, but regardless, you’ll definitely want to check out this Incipio offering. It combines a transparent polycarbonate back plate with a flexible, shock absorbent bumper. The button covers work well, it’s comfortable to hold, and there’s an opening on top to accommodate the slide mechanism. You’ll also find accurate cut-outs for the ports and camera. This is a tough, protective case that should keep your Priv safe.


BlackBerry Slide-Out Hard Shell Case ($30)

BlackBerry Slide-Out Hard Shell Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is BlackBerry’s official hard shell case and it comes in two parts, though, it’s a little tough to remove. The front section slides with the mechanism. The back plate features the BlackBerry logo, cut-outs for ports and camera, and button covers. It does offer some protection all-round, with rubber pad sections inside to cushion the Priv, but drop protection looks quite limited. We have concerns about the longevity of this one because the front piece feels flimsy. You can get it in black, blue, or green. You can also use NFC without taking the case off.

BlackBerry Leather Smart Flip Case ($40)

BlackBerry Leather Smart Flip Case
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If we were going to snag an official BlackBerry Priv case, then it would be this one. There’s a minimal shell with openings for ports, buttons, and the sliding mechanism. It’s wrapped in genuine nappa leather, which looks and feels great. There’s a cut-out on the back for the camera, and a window on the front so you can see the time and notifications without having to open it. There’s also an opening for the speaker at the top, and you can close the case and still continue with calls. This case could be ideal if you keep your phone in a bag, but we don’t think it offers much in the way of drop protection. You can also get the BlackBerry Leather Holster ($30), which is just a simple pouch with a belt clip.


Fitbag Sleeve ($25)

Fitbag Sleeve
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s a very simple solution to keep your BlackBerry Priv safe from harm. It’s a lamb-skin nappa leather sleeve with a microfiber lining inside. It fits the Priv perfectly — in fact, it feels a bit tight — but you can expect it to loosen up over time. Thankfully, it’s easier to slide the phone out than it is to put it in. The lining helps to keep your Priv clean and shiny. It won’t offer rugged protection, but it should work well if you keep your Priv in a bag. It also comes in a very wide range of different colors.

Krusell Hector 5XL Leather Pouch ($30)

Krusell Hector 5XL Leather Pouch
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This pouch isn’t tailor made for the BlackBerry Priv, but it fits nicely. It has belt loops on the back, and it’s designed to sit horizontally on your hip. The exterior is leather with a contrasting suede lining. The flap has a magnetic closure to keep it securely closed. You can get it with a smooth black finish with white stitching, or opt for something a bit more eye-catching, such as the red crocodile skin.

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