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The best Google Pixel 5a cases and covers

Looking for a midrange phone with a solid battery life and excellent camera skills? Google’s Pixel A range has been a strong contender for the best cheap phone since it was introduced with the Pixel 3a line, and that proud heritage has continued with the Pixel 5a. Showcasing Google’s exceptional skill at crafting camera software, the Pixel 5a is a 5G-equipped camera snapper that costs just $449.

But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you can just throw it away. Scratches, chips, and other hazards can harm the surface of your phone, making it look old and battered well before its time. A protective case can stop that from happening by putting a barrier between your phone and harm’s way. Here are some of the best Google Pixel 5a cases around right now.

Poetic Revolution Rugged Case

The Poetic Revolution case for the Pixel 5a. The front and back views are shown, as well as the kickstand and screen protector.

Poetic is a strong contender that’s making strides in building up a good reputation, and the Revolution case showcases why its cases are worth your time. It’s a rugged case, and it’s not afraid to show that, with a tough design made from hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbing TPU. That toughness means it has strong drop-proofing and protection against scratches and other hazards too. The grips along the side give good traction for your fingertips, so you’re less likely to drop your phone, and the built-in kickstand means it can be propped up quickly and easily too. It’s a great protective case, as long as you don’t mind the strongly rugged look.

Spigen Thin Fit Case

Spigen has released a large range for the Pixel 5a, and the Thin Fit is our pick of the bunch. Made from a hard polycarbonate shell over a thin but durable TPU core, the Thin Fit excels at providing more solid protection than a clear thin case, but without compromising on adding additional bulk. Spigen’s case technology means additional protection for your phone too, with Air Cushion Technology protecting the corners of the phone, and the slightly raised bevels mean your phone’s camera lenses and display won’t rest on surfaces and risk scratches. A great case for a great price.

Ghostek Exec 4 Magnetic Wallet Case with Leather Card Holder

Ghostek has launched some truly unique cases to set itself apart from its peers, and the Exec 4 is one of its more unique offerings. Essentially the combination of a rugged case and a wallet folio, the Exec 4 offers strong protection against a variety of bumps and drops, and also offers space to keep credit cards in its expandable leather card backpack. The card holder portion attaches to the case with magnets, so it can be easily removed, and the case attached to a magnetic car holder, bike holder, or anything else that’s compatible. A protective case that’s also extremely versatile, the Exec 4 won’t be of interest to anyone who wants to add sleek style, but it’s the case of choice if the added usefulness really appeals.

Caseology Parallax Case

Caseology isn’t as well known as some of the bigger names on this list, and that’s a real crime, given the quality of its cases. The Parallax case is a perennial favorite of ours, as it combines good everyday protection with some stylish designs. It’s slim and provides good grip, and the 3D design feels great to the touch. It’s made from a combination of a TPU core and a PC shell, so it’s strong enough to deal with most everyday bumps and scratches, and it’s compatible with most screen protectors as well. It’s at a midpoint where price is concerned, but is really rather worth the money.

Otterbox Commuter Series Rugged Case

Otterbox is perhaps the most well-known case maker on the planet, so it makes sense we’d include one of its cases on this list. But the Commuter case isn’t on here just because of Otterbox’s reputation, far from it. The dual-layer construction uses a TPU core and a hard PC shell to provide solid protection against all but the worst bumps and falls, has grippy panels on the sides to boost your grip, and even has a silver-based antimicrobial additive added in to stop common bacteria from taking hold. It’s relatively slim despite all this protection, and if there’s one gripe, it’s that it’s not particularly stylish. Still, for this protection you can forgive it.

Vena vArmor Holster Case

Vena’s vArmor takes the rugged case formula and ratchets it up to 11. As a result, you get a case that’s not exactly built for everyone, but for those it’s meant for, it’s perfect. The case itself is a dual-layer case, with airbag corners to help disperse shock and a tough outer PC shell to ward off scratches and similar damage. It exceeds military drop-test standards, and can resist damage from falls up to four feet. It also comes with a swivel holster, that can quickly clip onto a belt, giving you a quick way to get out and put away your phone. It’s not too expensive at all for this level of protection, and with the holster, it’s extremely versatile.

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