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The best OnePlus 6T cases

The best OnePlus 6T cases to keep the flagship killer slaying

OnePlus 6T review
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

OnePlus is the king of the bargain Android flagships, and its latest triumph — the OnePlus 6T — is a masterclass in the techniques OnePlus has long taught. This beautifully designed phone is also super powerful and packed with the latest trends and tricks. Best of all, you can get a hold of one for under $600.

But you’re not going to be cavalier with it just because it’s one of the cheapest ways to own a fully featured flagship. Good looks are marred by scratches and bumps, and that bezel-less display could be ruined by an unlucky bump or a slip from the table. Keeping your shiny new phone looking good should be a priority, but life is hazardous and you can’t keep your phone wrapped in cotton wool.

Why not wrap it something else instead? A good phone case can provide a barrier against external threats, and make sure your phone keeps kicking until you’re ready to replace it. Here are the best OnePlus 6T cases to keep the “flagship killer” slaying.

Spigen Liquid Air ($20)

Spigen’s a name you can rely on for great everyday protection, and we think the Liquid Air is a good choice if you’re looking for stylish protection that won’t let you down. It’s made from shock-resistant and absorbent TPU that guards well against a variety of threats and hazards. Each corner is protected with Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology to further resist the energy from impacts and drops, and the slim design means it’s easy to slip in and out of a pocket. Speaking of style, the Liquid Air is no ugly duckling with triangular patterning and a matte finish that resists fingerprints. Best of all, it’s not too expensive.

Noreve Leather Wallet Case (from $48)

If you’re looking for executive-chic, or want to add utility to your phone, then a wallet case should be on your list. This case from Noreve is definitely on the premium end, with prices starting at around $48 for the PU leather option. However, customizability is the name of the game, and you can choose a variety of leathers for your case, up to the expensive aged Patine leather. If that wasn’t enough, you can also choose from a bunch of colors, a belt clip, and even add a personal logo or picture — though it’ll skyrocket in price if you go for all of them. But if the price is no concern, and you want a gorgeous, luxurious leather case, check out Noreve.

Poetic Guardian ($17)

Protection needn’t come at a sky-high cost. Poetic’s cases are extremely functional protective cases with a low price, and if you need great protection on a budget, you need to check them out. The Guardian is made from polycarbonate and TPU, with a clear PC back supported by a shock-resistant TPU bumper. This combo provides great protection across the board, and it’s supported by an additional polycarbonate faceplate that clips onto the case, providing protection for your screen as well. The result is a strong case that protects every part of your phone at a bargain price. Despite being an all-around case, there’s no water-resistance, so avoid pools and puddles. Still, it’s a great case if you like to take your phone out into the rough-and-tumble wilderness.

VRS Designs Crystal Chrome Series ($24)

The OnePlus 6T is a beautiful phone and it’s a shame to hide that amazing design with a bulky case. But you don’t have to. This case from VRS Design is a great example of a protective case that’s also as clear as a window, giving you the perfect view of your phone. It’s made from a TPU bumper and polycarbonate (PC) backplate with a raised edge that elevates your phone from surfaces, and it comes equipped with air-cushion technology to protect against bumps. The PC backplate provides a strong and scratch-resistant surface that makes sure your phone stays fully protected without obscuring its style. This is a quality case at a great price.

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case ($11)

There’s nothing quite like a leather wallet case for lending a sleek, executive feel, and this wallet case from Olixar is a great example of that. It’s made from PU leather — you’ll struggle to find real leather at this price — which is durable, easy to clean, and very protective. As a wallet case, the front cover flips over your phone’s display to keep it protected, while an inner plastic core keeps your phone held securely. It folds back into a horizontal stand if needed and it comes with two pockets on the inside of the front cover, which are perfect for cash, cards, or tickets. This option is a good and cheap way to add some executive style to your phone, but be aware it won’t be as protective as a bulkier case.

Krusell Sunne Vintage Nude ($32)

If only real leather will tickle your stylish itch, then check out this case from Krusell. It’s made from genuine leather that has been sourced and treated to the highest social and environmental certifications, per Krusell’s own dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. The case will also age over time, creating its own unique patina as the years tick by. Krusell’s design borrows from Nordic traditions, and it offers a slim design with a raised edge that protects the screen. The inner lining is soft and helps to protect against falls and drops — but it’s important to note that Krusell’s case isn’t as protective as bigger cases, and it has no protection for the buttons. Still, this is a beautiful case.

Official OnePlus Sandstone Case ($21)

Why look any further than OnePlus itself for full device protection? OnePlus has a history of making great cases for its phones and this Sandstone case is one of its most iconic. It’s made from hard polycarbonate, which provides strong protection against bumps, drops, and scratches, and there are raised edges that keep your phone’s display from resting on abrasive surfaces. It’s patterned with a sandstone grit, which provides a huge amount of additional grip to stop your phone slipping from your hand. It’s undoubtedly a fan favorite, it’s super slim, and it provides strong protection that looks good — at a great price, too.

Tudia Merge Series Rugged Case ($18)

Looking for some great protection to safeguard your OnePlus 6T while out and about? Tudia offers great protective rugged cases and the Merge Series is a solid option to keep your phone safe. It’s made from a combination of a shock-absorbing TPU inner core and an outer shell of scratch-resistant polycarbonate that provides decent protection against a variety of threats. It has raised edges to elevate your phone from surfaces, and the textured edges help to provide grip. This case is also slim enough to slip into and out of pockets easily. Tudia’s Merge Series is a great option if you work outdoors or have an active lifestyle, and it’s available at a tempting price.

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