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Do Ramadan like a boss with these 5 apps

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Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t need a smartphone notification to remind you to make time for reflection, worship, and devotion to God. However, in our fast-paced times, it’s easy to lose track of even the most important things. Seeing as there’s an app for just about everything under the sun — or in this particular case, the crescent moon– here’s a roundup of our favorite Ramadan apps on the market, just in case you were thinking of offering Fidya during this holy month.

Muslim Pro 2016 – Ramadan 2016 (free)

muslim pro app, ramadan
Muslim Pro 2016 touts itself as “the most popular Muslim app,” and for good reason. The app includes many of the same functions found on other apps and then some, providing you with fasting times, accurate prayer times based on your location, and audio recitations with phonetics and translations. Muslim Pro 2016 also comes with a digital tasbih to help you keep track of your dhikr, as well as the complete Hijri. The app does more than cover basics, though, and the built-in recommendations feature will even direct you to nearby halal restaurants and mosques. Muslim Pro 2016 even comes with Allah’s complete list of names — all 99 of them — meaning you may have 99 problems come Eid al-Fitr but … you get the picture.

Muslim Dua Now (free)

muslim dua now, ramadan
This app gives you access to an array of traditional Islamic duas. The full catalog is divided in 18 major categories for searching on the go. It’s perfect for kids, adults, and those new to Islam, and remains a convenient way to help recite or memorize new duas. The translation and transliteration features will also help you better understand the true meanings of specific recitations. Whether you’re in need of an incantation for traveling, meals, or a scorpion sting, Muslim Dua Now has you covered.

iPray: Prayer Times and Qibla Compass ($4 for iOS, $1 for Android)

iPray app, ramadan
Like Muslim Pro 2016, iPray is designed to find your exact location and timezone, and notify you of when your five daily prayers are set to begin. Simply hold your device in landscape mode to view the upcoming prayer schedule. As an added bonus, iPray also comes with the Qibla Compass feature, which points you in the direction of Mecca and informs you of the current moon phase and position. The app will never steer you in the wrong direction during Ramadan.

Quran Majeed (free)

Quaran Majeed app, Ramadan
Carrying around a copy of the Quran can be a little cumbersome when running errands or heading to the office. Fortunately, Quran Majeed essentially serves as the premiere e-Quran, allowing you to read and search the entire text from your smartphone. The app even includes commentary and translations in 45 languages, as well as a verse-by-verse recitation feature that lets you to listen as famous orators read through the Quran.

Lose It! (free)

lose it app
A calorie counter may not seem like an obvious choice when talking Radaman apps, however, with the long hours of fasting and odd meal times that occur during Ramadan, it’s easy to gain or lose weight without knowing it. Thankfully, this app helps you track your daily caloric intake and avoid unwanted gains or loses. With a huge database of food items and nutritional information to choose from, you can closely log everything from your post-Iftar dates to your favorite halal dishes.

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