Protect your tiny titan with the best Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact cases

When you’re looking for a powerful phone with a small silhouette, Sony’s Xperia Compact range is a name that springs to mind (though we like some other small smartphones, too). The new Xperia XZ2 Compact crams many of the flagship XZ2’s powerful features into a smaller polycarbonate frame. But this tiny titan isn’t the best at taking a blow.

So what’s a thrifty small smartphone lover to do? A protective case is a great way to add a little protection to your phone and amp up its style in one fell swoop. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact cases you can grab to keep your powerful handful safe.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case ($9)

olixar best sony xperia xz2 compact cases

Always near the top of our shopping list is a good clear gel case. While it won’t give the same amount of protection as some larger cases, a gel case still provides decent enough shock absorption — thanks to the absorbent properties of TPU — and is completely clear, making it the best case to choose if you can’t bear to cover your phone’s stylish body. This offering from Olixar comes with raised edges that keep your phone’s screen from touching surfaces, is super thin, and has been treated with a nonslip coating for extra grip on your phone. Best of all, it’s not going to break the bank.

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Kugi Scratch-Resistant Grip Case ($8)

kugi best sony xperia xz2 compact cases

If you want something that’s a step up in protection and offers a little extra style, then check out this case from Kugi. Fully fashioned from shock-resistant and shock-absorbent TPU, this case provides more protection than your standard gel case, while still being extremely thin. Ridges down the edges of the case assist with grip on your phone, and button covers help to guide your fingers when you’re fumbling around in your pocket. The back panel is also made from TPU, but has been styled to look like leather and provide another grippy surface that looks good. It’s not real leather, but it feels good anyway and keeps costs down.


Anccer Anti-Slip Hard Texture Case ($12)

anccer best sony xperia xz2 compact cases

There’s nothing quite like polycarbonate for providing protective strength while still keeping a case thin and light. This case from Anccer ticks all the right boxes for protective options, giving great strength without compromising on weight. It’s designed to have a rough, sand-like texture that should help you keep a good hold of your phone. It’s not too rough, but it does emulate the feel of OnePlus’s sandstone cases very well. It’s not going to be as good at insulating against blunt forces as TPU, but Anccer claims that its advanced PC should still provide some shock absorption. If you’re looking for a slim, stylish hard case, then you’ll be hard pressed to find one this good for the price.


Official Sony Style Cover Touch Case ($53)

official best sony xperia xz2 compact cases

If you want a high-quality case and don’t care about price, why not go straight to the phone’s manufacturer? The Official Sony Style Cover is a flip wallet-style case that offers all-round protection thanks to the screen cover and case that clips onto your phone. Best of all, you don’t even need to take the protection off to use it. Thanks to an NFC connection with your phone, the front cover of the case can be used as a touchscreen, just as if it was the phone’s display. You can buy a color to match your XZ2 Compact’s own color, and since it’s made by Sony, you can be sure it’s a perfect fit. It’s expensive, but with this all-round coverage, it’s one of the best options for pure protection and style rolled into one.

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Fettion Leather-Style Flip Wallet Case ($8)

fettion best sony xperia xz2 compact cases

There’s something nice about a wallet case — they’re simple, but provide good protection and a certain executive style that other cases lack. This case is made from PU (polyurethane) leather, but it’s difficult to tell it apart from the real thing. PU leather is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, so you shouldn’t have many issues with this case down the line, and it should offer good protection. It can fold into a landscape stand for easy video watching, and has space to hold a couple of credit cards and some extra cash. Not bad for just $8.



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