BlackBerry to sell new flagship touch phone, the A10, by the holidays


BlackBerry sure is doing what it can to get back on top of the mobile world. (But boy does it have a loonng way to go, still.) As we all know, to stay ahead in the game, a company has to continue to innovate as quickly as possible. Not only that, but it has to deliver stellar products that result in high customer demand.

The business-centric mobile manufacturer is, according to the folks at CNET, business working hard at a new all-touchscreen — that’s right; no physical keyboard on this one! — device that is slated to hit the market in time for the holidays.

The new phone, the A10 will take over the Z10’s position as the company’s flagship phone, and will result in BlackBerry having newer mobile options for multiple cost levels. A10 will be top tier; both the Z10 and Q10 will run in the middle; and the Q5 will stay put as the company’s more affordable option.

So far, we’re told that Sprint is already on board with the A10 and will begin selling it as soon as it’s released. But the deal isn’t exclusive and, since they both offer the Z10 and Q10, it’s very likely that we can expect to see the phone available for AT&T and Verizon. We’d be surprised if they both don’t offer it right off the bat.

We’ve known BlackBerry had something up its sleeve since a recent interview with CNET, during which the company’s CEO, Thurston Heins, said, “There’s one new product I’m excited about, but I can’t really share it.”

What a tease … but at least now we know what he was (likely) talking about then.

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